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Pixelmon OG

★ Pixelmon OG [Reforged] ★


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Welcome to The 1 & Only Pixelmon OG!

This server is created with the mission of creating a server where players come first, so for you to have the best time starting your adventure. As you start, we promise to bring you the nicest community and staff possible.

We DO NOT divide our community in multiple servers, but one united & HQ one.

★ What do we have for you? ★

Balanced ECONOMY
PayPal Rewards for things in-game!
Optimal High Spawns
Unlimited Homes
21 NPC Gyms + 7 Player Gyms
FREE Time Keys!
▶ EV & EXP Training Areas
Pokedex Ranks with Kits
▶ Bi-Weekly Tournements with In-Store Rewards
▶ Huge 30K x 30K world
▶ KeepInventory and EXP on Death
▶ Elite 4 Tower & BattleTower
Amazing Hunt Rewards
▶ GTS Shop system
▶ Fully Working CLAN System
▶ Free /ivs & /evs
Ultra Space & End Warp available
▶ Custom NPCs
▶ WonderTrade System
▶ Own Custom Modpack
▶ NOT Many servers in one
The Best Friendly Community!
Active & Dedicated Mature Staff
Many kinds of EVENTS
And more, much more with CONSTANT updates!!


We try to improve the server as much as possible as soon as possible, but this can only be done with our fully 24/7 active staff team, and your help reporting any problems. Looking for Mature Staff Members

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