This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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★ Pixelmon OG [Reforged] ★


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Welcome to The 1 & Only Pixelmon OG!

This server is created with the mission of creating a server where players come first, so for you to have the best time starting your adventure. As you start, we promise to bring you the nicest community and staff possible.

We DO NOT divide our community in multiple servers, but one united & HQ one.

★ What do we have for you? ★

Balanced ECONOMY
NEW HardCore Mode!
Optimal High Spawns
Unlimited Homes
21 NPC Gyms + 7 Player Gyms
FREE Time Keys!
▶ EV & EXP Training Areas
Pokedex Ranks with Kits
▶ Bi-Weekly Tournements with In-Store Rewards
▶ Huge 30K x 30K world
▶ KeepInventory and EXP on Death
▶ Elite 4 Tower & BattleTower
Amazing Hunt Rewards
▶ GTS Shop system
▶ Fully Working CLAN System
▶ Free /ivs & /evs
Ultra Space & End Warp available
▶ Custom NPCs
▶ WonderTrade System
▶ Own Custom Modpack
▶ NOT Many servers in one
The Best Friendly Community!
Active & Dedicated Mature Staff
Many kinds of EVENTS
And more, much more with CONSTANT updates!!


We try to improve the server as much as possible as soon as possible, but this can only be done with our fully 24/7 active staff team, and your help reporting any problems. Looking for Mature Staff Members

I was helping out and building the new story mode about a month ago. Every thing was going fine until the owner joinied and added alot of people who dont even help and take all the credit and giving them every perm. So i said i cant do it and he banned me. I would never recommend this server to anyone. Please dont join this server. the owner is very toxic. And when i told him they were making fun of me when they do no work. he says "respect my staff"
Posted 3rd Aug 2020
One of the best Pixelmon servers around. I would highly recommend giving Pixelmon OG a try for yourself because you certainly will not regret it!
Posted 15th Jul 2020
This server is Unique of it's type first of all Friendly community and helpful and they do their best to help second good economy and they do their best to let u improve also the server listen to our voice and they care about us more than anything server always try to do their best to players and the Owner respect you and never ignore you and always hear you're voice he channge things in the server that's hard to make it easy for you as all server is 100% helpful staff best community and good ecomony and EVERY MEMBER IS IMPORTANT to the server so if u want to play pixelmon just download the modpack and try it yourself and trust me you will love this server for everything.
Posted 31st May 2020
Great Server, Awesome community, and Chill Staff. Always something to do and always great people to chat with while u have a great time catching pokes. Awesome tournaments with great prizes. Always looking forward to getting online.
Posted 14th May 2020
I just started playing some hours ago it is time to vote for the keys and it is a fun server to play with and cool community. Really like how the economy is handled to keep it good but I will find out how to be rich hehe
Posted 2nd May 2020
Really fuun server to play in and with the best community possiblee.

The best part is the constant new changes that are added that make it better every timee.

I will keep playing untill I catchem all and after that be the queeen of everyone in the server hehe
Posted 29th Apr 2020
Great Pixelmon server. The owner is constantly on and rolls out improvements on a fast and consistent basis. All of the staff are nice and helpful. The community is wonderful and welcoming to new players.

There are regular tournaments and events hosted that make the server even more fun to play on.

I've had a great time on this server, and I'm sure anyone else would too.
Posted 28th Apr 2020
I am really liking this server and its amazing community, everyone gets along very well. All the Staff are doing an amazing job looking after all the players making sure everyone is helped and everything is in order. The server also has some amazing plugins like the daycare and the free keys every hour and day. No lag at all as they say it, I live in Australia so that is suuper important for me :)
Posted 27th Apr 2020
For sure one of the friendliest server that I have joined in a looong time. active staff and the owner is really really nice! I would lovee to see you online too
Posted 24th Apr 2020
best server to start playing! minor flaws, but nothing game breaking, and they get fixed really quick by the admin. it runs smoothly as it announces itself and that was really important for me. no problems compared to other servers i played on so yeah i would recommend ir for sure ^.^
Posted 23rd Apr 2020
I love this server a lot very friendly players/staff the owner is always trying to make the server the best it can be and he is always treating players fairly ~ape
Posted 22nd Apr 2020
This server's been an amazing experience all around since day one of me playing, the player count has been steady and always gives the best welcome to any newcomers. The staff team is one of the hardest working teams around, they're always around to help with any needs you could possibly have and the server owner Memo is constantly adding new content and changes to improve the quality of the server.
Posted 22nd Apr 2020
Good server here, I like that he is always adding new things to the server and that the owner is online all day and everyday.

Keep up the great work and it will be very big.
Posted 21st Apr 2020
It's a great server, with a great staff team, i just want to say thanks because this server makes me happy everyday, there's too many good people to talk with! Nice ambient, and good features.
There's some errors that may be solved in the future, but this server is perfect for me, i feel comfortable, and the owner is actually very nice and kind person. Just wanna play and continue with this until i complete my pokedex, and then, continue and continue without end.
Posted 11th Apr 2020
I have enjoyed my time on this server. The staff is great and open to ideas to fix or improve the server's quality. The server itself is fair with way to achieve things and rewards aren't too small or op. :thumbs_up:
Posted 11th Apr 2020
An amazing server with a really cool community and a hard working/friendly owner and staff. Its a brand new server but the staff works hard on adding new stuff and correcting glitches.
As i said still pretty new server but I a am really hoping to see this server turn into one of the biggest of the pixelmon community because it's honestly is growing to be one.
Discovered it a month ago and i immediately had to recommend to my friends, a decision i do not regret at all because we are having a great time.
Posted 9th Apr 2020
A fantastic server that I discovered a few weeks ago, growing more and more, it is still quite fresh, but the owner and the staff work really hard to correct the very few glitches encountered during my playtime.

I absolutely recommend playing on this server for the great community there, you will almost always find the answer to your questions :D

There are a lot of fun events, and active players are always greatly rewarded !

To sum everything up, go play on this server ! You won't regret it :D
Posted 7th Apr 2020
An ever-growing server with a very friendly community with staff and players alike always willing to help one another(As long you aren't breaking the rules in any way).

Should there be any bugs or glitches, staff will be there to attend to it. When you have a suggestion for improvement, The owner is always there to hear it. When you are uncertain of anything, there will always be someone there to answer you.

Those are just some of the reason why I enjoy playing on PixelmonOG so much. Give the server a try and you will understand it yourself :D
Posted 7th Apr 2020
Absolutely amazing server. I've been playing on it for around a month and haven't gotten tired of it. The economy is great, the problems are minimal, and when one does pop up, it gets resolved swiftly. It has one of the most welcoming communities that I've ever seen, and I always love talking with everyone and having a great time. It's really chill, and I would definitely recommend playing on it.
Posted 7th Apr 2020
This server really is amazing, they keep the economy equal, and keep the community amazing. Every time there‘s a issue it’s resolved almost immediately. And the staff are really nice with a active owner! I’ve only recently started and I love how much they helped me start! It’s a amazing server and highly recommend it.
Posted 5th Apr 2020
This is such a good server. It really brings together a lot of people and I love that. I love seeing such a happy community. The staff team is so nice and they are always working towards making the server a better place. This is by far one of the best servers I've been on and I am honored to be able to staff on it.

One caveat is the server is new not even a week old, but has a lot done compared to other servers at this stage. So the community and player base has a lot of room to grow. if you wanna be apart of it is up to you. I hope to see you on the server
Posted 3rd Apr 2020
Great server to play on, very new and hard working owner, active and has a great growing player base looking forward to continue playing on here.
Posted 3rd Apr 2020