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Pure Light Gaming

Pure Light Gaming


Welcome to pure light gaming! we're currently a new community and server! I'd like to welcome you all to come join us, I am currently running Pixelmon Generations on survival! So you can build, craft, and grow stronger along side your Pokemon! We currently have EVs & IVs, PokeStop Claim, Flying & Breeding, PvP & Claims, all enabled! Come join us we're looking for Experienced builders, New staff, and most importantly New members! Come see what's going on with us! - Join our website here
PLG GTS Player Shops Max Lvl 200 Auctions Kits Pokestops *

Pixelmon Generations 1.2.1

It's a simple server, Small, but friendly and very attentive staff. Most pixelmon servers the staff will just have full legendary teams and faceroll, but the staff here actually play alongside you and aren't super pro (no offense lol) overall it's pretty awesome if you like Basic survival with claims. also, the shiny rate is like 1/800 which is pretty neat!
Posted 8th Dec 2017