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About this server:
There are 8 main towns which have fully custom spawners for pixelmon. So the pixelmon that spawn will be around 5 lvld below the gym cap for the gym in that area. There is CUSTOM music for the server, but only if you download the custom version of custom npcs from the website. There is also custom skin people that require the custom version to see the skin. There are quests everywhere. You do lose hunger, but the food is quite cheap and the food gets better the further you progress. There is a bank system in the poke marts. The currency is virtual money and EVERYTHING you get can be sold at the major poke mart in the 3rd town. Almost every single gym has a challenge that you must complete to be able to challenge the gym leader. There will also be trainers along the challenges that will battle you in the gym. Oh yea and watch out for team faros. They are a secret group that will try to take your pokemon.

Oh did i forget almost everything is hand built by some of my friends and myself. Also the spawns of regular pixelmon are off, therefore we have all the spawns with the spawn blocks and they are lvld accordingly compared to how they would spawn normally.

Story for the server:
You begin as a new trainer to the World of Nirvon. After you get your pokedex from the professor you begin to train to become the very best. But along the way you meet some bumps in the road. These bumps are mainly due to a certain Group in the world known as Team Varos. Team Varos is a bad group of people who try to take what they want. Now if you want to find out more come and join the server!!!

Mods Required:
Pixelmon 3.1.1


Customnpcs 1.7.2 (Download custom version on website for full experience.) The Custom npcs version is the one you need below!
Thats it!



1st - Flying - Fien Village
2nd - Grass - Grevlin Town
3rd - Normal - Vestia City
4th - Electric - Velfric Town
5th - Ice - Waltrin Village
6th - psychic - Nethrin Town
7th - Water - Seafal city
8th - Dragon - Lavrin Town

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