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ScumCraft takes Minecraft back to its nostalgic olden days. ScumCraft started roughly 1 year ago and is a 1.16.5 survival server that emphasizes community. There are minimal plugins and rules to give it a more vanilla vibe. Over the 1 year duration of ScumCraft's life, thousands of builds have been created in the world. You can explore them and raid them as you please. On ScumCraft, you choose your path, you can be a nomad and explore the ruins of the land, or create a group and start an empire! The choice is yours. Do you miss the days of Minecraft servers that had an actual community? Join Scumcraft.

General Rules:

  • No griefing (all griefs are rolled back with no permanent damage)

  • No hacking

  • No toxicity

If you have any questions regarding anything in-game, don't hesitate to reach out on our discord. We will always put the players first.

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