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PokeSoar is ran with the mindset of limiting pay-to-win, avoiding the big network decision making, and bringing the Pixelmon experience everyone should enjoy.
-Competitive Environment
-Genuine Pokemon gameplay including a story mode
-Frequent Unique Events

Server IP:

Server was delayed a bit but it actually has good innovative and original content and isn't a broken eco, the owner obviously actually cares about making it fun unlike most server owners and actually cares about the community, the server isnt pay to win, you get one legend with $100 rank and masterballs if you actually know the game aren't even that helpful other than at the begininning, later on everyone has excess mballs. But in the end give it a try yourself and see if you like it, in the end that's all that matters right.
Posted 29th Jul 2020
So this server posted on the website 2 weeks before it was released with the idea of limiting p2w. first day they open they have over 5 ranks you can buy with the ability to buy crate keys as well. ranks that give you masterballs every single day, but somehow pretend it'snot pay to win. also, the release was delayed 3 days past the original date, and then on release the server has multiple issues on very simple things like the base trainer rank having tpa or wondertrade permissions. the server also crashed multiple times and i was made to wait over an hour before i could even join. disgusting cashgrab server with no care put into it whatsoever.
Posted 27th Jul 2020