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grade flare


NEW ! OP Skyblock is now open.
▶ EU IP :
▶ NA IP :

▶ Note : Both IPs connect to the same server. The only thing different is your internet connection to the server, being better/worse depending on which IP you use and where you live.

▶ Blaze Gaming Pixelmon
Currently running Reforged 7.2.2
Minecraft Version 1.12.2
Join our discord:
Modpack :
Reforged :

▶ Looking to join an amazing community of pixelmon players like yourself? Blaze Gaming is here to offer an amazing in-game pixelmon experience, equipped with amazing plugins and expert staff. We believe in growing together as a family and working together to run an amazing community server. Come and play today!

amazing server to play pixelmon
Posted 31st Mar 2020
Havent played on it much but so far it looks great
Posted 31st Mar 2020
Love the time I can spend while in quarentine
Posted 25th Mar 2020
Although it could have easier and more accessible ways to train pokemon, every other aspect of this server is amazing. 8/10
Posted 22nd Mar 2020
Blaze is a server I've been playing on for quite some time, and while the experience is enjoyable for the most part, it's not without its flaws.

- Great community: Most of the active players are friendly and approachable, and help out new players for the most part.
- Events: Hosted fairly regularly, and with decent variety.
- Solid feature list: A lot of the plugins on the server really add to the server. Clans are implemented in a solid manner, and drop crates add an interesting way to earn loot.

- The Economy: Strict adherence to a price-list has caused the economy to slow down dramatically. This is not helped by the fact that most decent ways to earn money have been removed, making it difficult for new players to earn money aside from voting.
- Donator Ranks: the higher ranks are incredibly expensive, and provide significant advantages over non-paying players. Recent changes have mitigated this somewhat, but the server can still be considered pay-to-win.

Overall, if you want a friendly community, this server is a good choice, but the grind for newer non-paying players can be daunting without help, and the economy is greatly flawed due to high price floors. I don't personally don't think the server is worth the time invested.

Posted 6th Feb 2020
I liked the crate system, so there is another way to get unique items and Pokemon.
Posted 23rd Jan 2020
Super fun server to play on had just the right amount of everything and has some of the nicest staff ever
Posted 23rd Jan 2020
Great server ever and I enjoy playing pixelmon on that server!
Posted 2nd Jan 2020
Its a nice server but the people who can Fly have the advantage and some of the Admins are just run with the price list
Posted 21st Dec 2019
This is a verry good server with peaple verry funny

By lmsb
Posted 13th Oct 2019
Great server
fun to play
Posted 29th Sep 2019
Best server i've seen!!
The tourneys are scheduled evenly, they are fair, they give many opportunities for free prizes... all-in-all the whole server is fair!

Posted 25th Sep 2019
Love it here! It;s chill and always lively!
Posted 20th Sep 2019
Pretty laid back and chill, great place to hang out.
Posted 4th Sep 2019
The server is fun and relaxing to play on
Posted 26th Aug 2019
this server is awesome only i think the pokemon should spawn a bit more
Posted 20th Aug 2019
Just a amazing server, really worried about respect and a good atmosphere, really active admins with a good provision to help the newcomers.
The server got a lot of activities and tournaments to have fun with the community, it got gyms and battletower to test your team and flashy extras like crates and pokebiulder.
A really fun server.
Posted 13th Aug 2019
fun, easy and balanced to some extent. staff are friendly and helpful alongside all the players. amazing buildings and sculptures, and performs brilliantly with the mod.
Posted 11th Aug 2019
Honestly, the plugins this server has is amazing. A great combination for all players to enjoy.

But honestly speaking, the staff here detracts the whole fun experience playing here..
The only people that truly have power here are the staff and donators that paid over $150 to get to where they are.
Posted 18th Jul 2019
i like the staff and all the players they are so kind :) i like how the spawn is made so its easy for every one to finde the stuff thay are looking for :) atm there is nothing i dislike about the server
Posted 14th Jul 2019
The server was reset without proper notice and they did nothing to refund the money we spent on crates and no way to bring our old pokemon with us. The admins don't do anything to help whenever you have a problem and ignore any problems in the server. i have spent around four hundred dollars and have a high donator rank and i have had a real problem for over a week and told multiple admins and mods and nothing has been done. I am about fed up with this server!
Posted 7th Jul 2019
This is the best pixelmon server ive ever played on
Posted 5th Jul 2019
This server used to be great, then the owner decided to reset the server without letting anyone know. Then decided to not refund any purchases purchased prior to reset even from his own staff. Poorly managed even to the point of the server manager quitting. Owner has no clue what he is doing and only is in it to steal your money. DO NOT DONATE to this scummy server owner.
Posted 5th Jul 2019
Fun to play.Excellent starter server.
Posted 5th Jul 2019
Great server, lots to do, great ping.
Posted 25th Jun 2019