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Welcome to Minecraft in Pokemon!

▶ Blaze Gaming Pixelmon
Pixelmon Reforged : 9.1.10
Minecraft Version : 1.16.5
Modpack :


▶ Looking to join an amazing community of pixelmon players like yourself? Blaze Gaming is here to offer an amazing in-game pixelmon experience, equipped with amazing plugins and expert staff. We believe in growing together as a family and working together to run an amazing community server. Come and play today!

The rewards for playing and voting seem really cool but like... where are the pokemon? I sat in one place for 15 minutes and I saw maybe 4 pokemon around me at a time. 99 Players online and maybe 230 entities were spawned. Thats like 2 pokemon per player.
How do you have a pokemon server with no pokemon? :(
Posted 10th May 2023
very nice server me like pokemon
Posted 25th Nov 2022
Nice server, i played it before and liked it so much i needed to come back. Keep up the good work!
Posted 4th Oct 2022
I love this server! :D

My username is ScalyManFish1
Posted 19th Sep 2022
Good Server. Best looking spawn.

Posted 20th Aug 2022
this server is a great server if you are new to pixelmon the community is helpful and kind
Posted 17th Aug 2022
i want to see if i get anything
Posted 12th Aug 2022
Best Server Ever I love it so much
Posted 2nd Aug 2022
this is a really good server love it
Posted 9th Jul 2022
my username is imapexpredator and so far i have really enjoyed my time on this server
Posted 11th Jun 2022
Posted 24th May 2022
master_pandabob thinks this is good
Posted 19th May 2022
Great server, its been fun playing it and i just started. getvapo
Posted 15th May 2022
love everything madmax7312
Posted 14th May 2022
this server is great i really recommend this Pixel_Teddy
Posted 14th May 2022
Posted 27th Feb 2022
Ight so lets get this bread, I have been playing this server for a while now and I think I have all the information I need to form somewhat of an objective review and I ain't gonna be a quiet about it either and beat around the bush. Everything’s coming out.

- Good sense of community, although some folk are really weird, like a lot of the high-end donors are stingy with how much they sell Pokes for and tend to rip people off on the daily even tho they’re minted but other than that the community is solid.
- Events, although they could be a lot more effectively run these break the staleness of the server whenever they're on. Good fun.
- Good legend spawn rate, makes catching Pokes a lot more rewarding.
- Fun to complete dex, and that’s about it for the pros.

- The strict market allows no underselling and no freedom to users when trynna sell Pokémon that are blatantly not worth how much their precious PL states. They warn people for doing so which can accumulate to a ban or jail time. Me and many others have critiqued the warning system suggesting the PL should remain but people shouldn't be penalised when trynna get around it and should instead exist only as a guidance to players, not a force of law. The staff’s response to this was to either mute us, mute the suggest n’ discuss channel and or just ignore us altogether and not give us a valid reason to why the server cannot be run like the way we suggested. Every MC server with an economy including other Pixelmon servers manages to run perfectly like this. Be interesting to hear what excludes the Blaze network lmao.
- There’s just a plethora of dumb rules stated that half the time most of the staff don’t even follow but it’s bloody Armageddon when a player breaks one, especially a non-donor. For example, you can’t use caps in chat because it ruins the tidiness of chat when every other person on global chat has coloured text and a big fat clan tag by their name every time they speak. You can get banned and jailed for this if you do it too many times… Got banned for a week for catching a legendary that spawned just on the edge of someone’s claim that wouldn’t of spawned If I wasn’t there but was not allowed to keep it even tho I got to it first because it spawned on his claim and wasn’t allowed to defend myself either. To put into perspective how stupid that rule is, if the Pokémon had spawned a block outside his claim It would still be my property…
-Major incompetency amongst staff. The inability of staff to make objective decisions is off the charts, always penalising people rashly and unfairly with dumb justifications. In general, the staff tend to not think critically about any situation. In hind sight this makes a lot of sense considering they’re staff on a server that has multitude of problems which they openly choose to ignore. As long as they remain an authority figure they could care less about the state of the server and the experience it could provide to players.
- Gyms are the only sort of progression system on the server and a large part of the appeal the Pixelmon player base. The first 6 weeks I played the server the gyms were bugged as hell, rewards weren’t distributed correctly, you couldn’t progress half the time etc. Since then they have updated it but made it so you have to have a full 6-man squad equivalent to the gym’s leaders’ so your current teams level isn’t auto capped as it was before. This change benefited no one and baffles me to why they decided to make it. This change is even more baffling considering gyms are already run by their broken AI system and broken Pokémon with moves and stats they should never have, most notably in the elite 4.
- There’s four Pixelmon realms on the server which aren’t big enough individually to produce a competitive clan scene. All servers are monopolised by one or two clans full of donors which make it virtually impossible to compete as a new or smaller clan. Turn based combat in general is not fun but becomes even less entertaining when the Squads these clans are running are an UltraNec, Fairy Arceus probably a Rayquaza and 3 other ubers as well which make it extremely difficult to defeat. The combat is mindless as well as your just spamming 120dmg moves constantly to win, no fun, no strategy, boring. Bare in mind once the clan gyms are claimed the AI takes over to defend them that have been given an additional 10-20 extra levels to compensate which is just ridiculous because AI in general on this server is like fighting Thanos; same goes for the normal gyms as well. By some miracle if you manage to defeat the gym it won’t be for long as the monopoly clans have members on standby to retake when lost.
- Blatant bias towards donors, and the server in general is tailored towards Pay2Wins, gives users way too much of an advantage. Donor’s don’t receive half the backlash nons do for breaking the rules.
- Their EU Proxy’s are really bad.
- Pokespawns at spawn make it a lag fest. I have decent PC and even I find it straining on my fps sometimes, can't imagine what it's like for Little Joey on his Mom's acer.

At the end of the day, I know this is probably going to be deleted because this server is basically like Communist Russia and the staff don’t like people critiquing the system even when they know that we’re probably right.
This servers prime and only objective is tailoring people down the pay2win route. Having had the choice to setup on this server or another one I’d choose the latter every single time. Issa shame I’m now setup on this server and didn’t realise these blatant problems at the beginning. Hope you enjoyed.
Posted 28th Apr 2020
It is a great server all in all, though it would be nice to be able to use pistons. Limitations could be set to stop greifing. Also staff tend to be a little snappy. Another issue is some people who build inappropriate stuff are banned but their inappropriate builds are left behind.
Still the sever is good.
Posted 27th Apr 2020
Kinda silly to not be able to undersell, not going to lie to ya boss.
Posted 3rd Apr 2020
amazing server to play pixelmon
Posted 31st Mar 2020
Havent played on it much but so far it looks great
Posted 31st Mar 2020
Love the time I can spend while in quarentine
Posted 25th Mar 2020
Although it could have easier and more accessible ways to train pokemon, every other aspect of this server is amazing. 8/10
Posted 22nd Mar 2020
Blaze is a server I've been playing on for quite some time, and while the experience is enjoyable for the most part, it's not without its flaws.

- Great community: Most of the active players are friendly and approachable, and help out new players for the most part.
- Events: Hosted fairly regularly, and with decent variety.
- Solid feature list: A lot of the plugins on the server really add to the server. Clans are implemented in a solid manner, and drop crates add an interesting way to earn loot.

- The Economy: Strict adherence to a price-list has caused the economy to slow down dramatically. This is not helped by the fact that most decent ways to earn money have been removed, making it difficult for new players to earn money aside from voting.
- Donator Ranks: the higher ranks are incredibly expensive, and provide significant advantages over non-paying players. Recent changes have mitigated this somewhat, but the server can still be considered pay-to-win.

Overall, if you want a friendly community, this server is a good choice, but the grind for newer non-paying players can be daunting without help, and the economy is greatly flawed due to high price floors. I don't personally don't think the server is worth the time invested.

Posted 6th Feb 2020
I liked the crate system, so there is another way to get unique items and Pokemon.
Posted 23rd Jan 2020