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Pokeverse ● Pixelmon Dark


We're running Pixelmon Dark v2.4 (adds over 200 new Pokemon!)
Use our Technic modpack to join us:

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Best Pixelmon server people help you are always nice
Posted 4th Feb 2017
I go to the website and it was a troll
Posted 4th Nov 2016
I like this sever alot that I told my friend to join
Posted 14th Oct 2016
this is a very good server thank you for so much fun
Posted 16th Sep 2016
Its so bad there is to many lag and there are never staff on to help you with things most of the people are also not very friendly against each other
Posted 28th Aug 2016
SUPER LAGGY. Inactive staff and special roles. They say "Lag Free" although they know it is not, and prevent you from saying that the server is laggy. Overall just terrible.
Posted 27th Aug 2016
Posted 16th Aug 2016
Its a good server in general. Community is nice and i play daily enjoying every aspect of the Server. But there are negatives on this server! One problem is that the Gym Leaders and Staff are not active. This could be improved if there was an active high ranking staff to assemble the perfect staff team and keep leaders active and have multiple leaders all whom are active though.
THE BIGGEST PROBLEM OF THE SERVER: It honestly pisses me off because they say they're lag free but they arent. Go on the Server and in the first five minutes you'll experience one of the laggiest servers in Pixelmon History. EVERYBODY who plays has just accepted it and deal with it but here and there I've seen them all get a little pissed off about it. Now the Worst of it all is that saying the word 'lag' is blocked. and if u bypass it or replace the word lag with something else you'll be muted or kicked... Like seriously?! They say no lag but they know there is lag so they make it so nobody can complain in game which is absolutely absurd. We all complain anyways ;-) 'so much l.a.gggggg'
Posted 14th Aug 2016