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Treasure Island



  • Shiny starter
  • Trading cards
  • Increased spawnrate
  • Land protection
  • Auctions
  • Global Trade Station
  • Pixel Extras
  • Pixel Friends
  • Pixel Hunt
  • Player Shops
  • WonderTrade
  • Vote Crates
Let me ask why when I go to server it again Can not log in: Your game session is not valid
Posted 26th Aug 2018
The upkeep of this server is lacking. A lot of buildings that are a part of this mod are destroyed; however, if you need to heal your pixelmon there is always spawn. The players are friendly and helpful. Sharing and loving community. I haven't seen any staff play on this server though....
Posted 6th Apr 2018
I love the server but some of the staff are mean and i used a vote crate and got a shiny key but i didnt recive anything! :(
Posted 13th Mar 2017
Friendly community, no lag spikes or crashes, shops, gyms and everything you need in a pixelmon server basically :).
Posted 30th Dec 2016