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DabCraft Reforged

DabCraft Reforged - Pixelmon v8.3.0


Welcome to DabCraft!

•Who are we?

DabCraft REFORGED is ran by veteran Minecraft players who’ve been playing all the way back to 2011. We’ve ran multiple servers, played countless modpacks and configured many plugins. We want to bring a touch of our experience to the modern server choices.

•What do we offer?

We offer a thriving and constantly growing community base, with a bunch of features for our players to enjoy while building, growing and powering up with one another.

Adult Owned | Weekly Events | Discord Community | WonderTrade | EV Farms.
Player-ran Towns | Land Claiming | Eventual Player-ran Gyms | LGBTQ+ Inclusive

•What is DabCraft about?

Honestly, it’s all about the good vibes. We want this to be a server that doesn’t just co-exist, but thrive. A real sense of community between our players. We welcome one and all alike, so keep judgement at the door and enjoy the ride!

•This sounds great and all, but how do I talk to people and get involved with us?

Glad you asked! If you'll just click the "website link" we have, you'll be able to join our discord server!

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