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Rebel Gaming Network

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Rebel Gaming 24/7 Dedicated SkyBlock Economy Ranks Skills

Rebel Gaming is now making its way into the MC world with our first server SkyBlock. With this newly released server we have opened the door for many possibilities and for you the player to walk through into a new, awesome community of gamers. Many new servers will be released very soon like: Factions, Survival, and Pixelmon. Join to be there when these new awesome servers become available.

Server IP:

Current features are:

24/7 Dedicated Servers




Player Auctions

5 Levels of Starter Islands for SkyBlock



& More coming soon!

We are also taking on more people for staff positions. If you're a Builder, Developer, have experience in being a Mod or Admin, or another staff position related to Minecraft, join our Discord: and contact TheTrueLM, Hazard975, Yuna or Vexx. Thanks for reading and we hope to see you soon!

This server is not a Pixelmon server.
Posted 21st Jun 2022