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Pixelmon Generations

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we are still developing new ways to keep it fun :)
we are a growing community so join us and help us make lemuria's history
Additional Notes
Lemuria's New Revised Pixelmon Server :)

Upon creation of this new region the creator god Arceus had somehow been sucked into a alternative dimension while on the process of creating Lemuria causing a rift in the multiverse connecting past versions of the region known as Lemuria into one unification. After realizing this Arceus had decided to continue the creation of this new land mass until a unknown Pokemon of unknown origin attacked Arceus coming from a wormhole the Pokemon now known as Nekrozma unleashed his full power by absorbing the creators light forming Ultra Nekrozma in the middle of there clash Arceus now realized why he was sent to this alternative dimension, Could it have all been planned who knows one things for sure the region now known as Lemuria was in danger sensing this with the last bit of energy Arceus sealed this region and left a few pokemon before creating anything else but at a cost draining all energy from Arceus, It disappeared never to be seen again.After time had passed Region of Lemuria now surrounded by a void where no light shines on the outside but light shines in essentially hiding the region in this dimension because of this the region can see the sun and eventually populating the region over the next couple thousand years.without any signs of Ultra Nekrozma this region eventually grew into a world the world we now call home. Arceus now known as a creature of myth to the Lemurians of this region had caused shrines to be built in it's honor even if little is known about Arceus to these inhabitants. As time developed so did technology eventually causing a rift in time and space from tech, bringing forth Lemurians from all Multiverses, from every alternate version of Lemuria and so the true beginning of Lemuria started one where New and Old inhabitants can co-exist with each other.

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