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Pixelmon: Crimson Legacy


Pixelmon: Crimson Legacy is a new 1.16.5 server that is newly released! We're looking to expand our small community!

Tired of servers paywalling all of the best features? Earn commands such as /fly, /breed, /pokeheal, and more as you play on the server! Earn special ranks such as the PokeMaster and Champion rank by completing your PokeDex or by taking on the player gyms! Do you have what it takes to become the Grand Champion of the Laurel region?

Currently, Pixelmon: Crimson Legacy is largely a "Survival" server, but we plan on creating a custom region and storyline in the not-so-distant future!

Still can't decide if you would like to join? Here's some features we have:

• Gameshark is ALLOWED!
• Rank up and get goodies by completing your PokeDex!
• Obtain the CHAMPION rank by defeating all 8 Player Gyms! (Once gyms release)
• Purchase Pixelmon Modifier Tokens with in-game currency!
• Experience better breeding! (No requirements! Each egg only takes 10 minutes to produce!)
• Experience more common Hidden Abilities! (Only 1/50 for a hidden ability, instead of 1/150!)
• Free EV and Level Training Hot Spots for EVERYONE!
• 6IV Shiny Starter Pokemon!
• Brand New Server! Open Beta release date was 03/19/2023!

Come and be a part of a growing and welcoming community! I hope to see you there!

The server is amazing, and not only does it have one of the friendliest communities, but it also has the best Staff Suport I've ever experienced.
Also, the Custom Forms are really good.
Posted 13th May 2023