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PokeGenesis Pixelmon


Welcome to the PokeGenesis Pixelmon Server

We have been working hard to bring a fun, friendly and enjoyable Pixelmon server for all to experience. Our aim is to provide you with unique and lasting features to keep you coming back for more and fill that Pixelmon craving.

What do we currently provide?

  • Custom Starter Menu with obtainable shiny starter quests.
  • The PokeGear, A feature packed UI to keep you busy.
  • A multitude of unique quests and achievements.
  • The Frontier.. Gyms, BattleTower, Ev Training, Random Battles and more!
  • PokeRaids.. Challenging Bosses to obtain rewards.
  • Custom Textures.. Unique and beautiful skins for you to obtain.
  • Trophy System... Acheivement based Trophies.
  • Cosmetics... For both Players and Pixelmon!
  • Shinydex... Can you obtain all Pixelmon in shiny form?
  • Unique PixelPoint currency used for PokeBuilder, Shops and more!
  • Vast 12k Wild Map generated with Biomes o Plenty!
  • PokeArcade... Minigames to spend those PokeCoins on.
  • Mines... Keep the wild intact and use our generous mines to gather resources.
  • Natural Legend Spawning!- Global Boosters... increase legend spawning, shiny chances and more!
  • Incense and Lures!.. Increase your Pixelmon spawns with these.
  • Daily Login and Timebase Rewards
  • Community Events!.. Complete server tasks to earn global rewards
  • GTS, STS, Wondertrade & many more common favorites.
    And these are just scratching the surface! We offer so much more!

What comes next?

We have an extensive list of plugins and features still to implement throughout November! These include more server cosmetic options, daycare, jobs ,skills & levels system and plenty more in the bag. We will continue to build upon what we already have and take on board any suggestions the community provides.

Thank you for joining us and the server is Officially Live!!

Thoroughly enjoying this server, has multiple great features with more on the way and has a lovely community.

its a very new server and brings a fresh look on pixelmon
Posted 1st Dec 2021
As alright as it is, the owner vehemently has a firm stance on limiting player progression by locking mending behind both a vote crate (0.9% chance by the way), and the mundane task that is minecraft fishing (No auto fishing machines allowed by the way).

I don't suggest playing here if you're ready to suffer the consequences of having to make tools or repair them every 5 minutes, getting a little more expensive each time.

Theres a reason village and pillage made mending widely accessible in order for players to continue grinding away, but that logical thought process doesn't seem to be widely accepted here.
Posted 30th Nov 2021