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Pixelmon Tempus

Pixelmon Tempus (Whitelisted)


• 100km2 Custom Open-World Map

• 18 Gyms (one for each type) (6 Easy Gyms, 6 Medium Gyms & 6 Hard Gyms that scale in level)

• Elite 4 and Champion (scale in level)

• Battle Frontier

• Main Storyline

• Side Quests (Kill Pokemon, Catch Pokemon, Take photos of Pokemon, Deliver Items, Find People/Pokemon, Battle Trainers, etc)

• Events such as: Races, Tournaments, Bug Catching, Fishing, Scavenger Hunts, etc (SERVER ONLY)

• Player Housing (players can buy and furnish houses) (SERVER ONLY)

• Custom Day-care with a 24-minute cooldown (Will become instant once completed the quest line).

• Quests for ALL Legendries (No natural spawning legends, instead they have custom Lairs, Shrines, Monuments, etc. They have a 2hour 45minute cooldown) (you can catch more than one).

• Shops for almost everything

• Roleplay locations such as: Unity Academy, Chapels, Courthouse, Pika Park, Cinema, etc

• 281 Pokemon Eggs to collect in the map.

• Medals and Ribbons to earn through contests, events, and tournaments (SERVER ONLY).

• Custom Mod with More items, decorations, etc

• Player-Run Teams (Team Rocket, Team Magma, Team Aqua and Team Galactic) (SERVER ONLY).

• Safari Zone

• Grinding Locations around the map.

• EV Training Camp

This map is amazing, I cannot express how excited I am for it.
Posted 29th Jun 2020
Am gam er

Posted 29th Jun 2020
The progress made on this server is amazing! The map is incredible and so are the people in the discord server. Best Pokémon map yet! Can't wait until it Is free to the public. Also the moderator Brxndxn is the best moderator of them all, They are so useful and welcomed my arrival!
Posted 29th Jun 2020
Not only do they fail to mention needed a mod pack from technic in the description, once you finally find it and download it. The server is whitelisted! Such a waste of time, at least let us know its not even public better yet tell us we need other mods. Had such high hopes but if you can’t even summarize your server imagine managing it
The server replied:
Sorry for the inconvenience, my trial mod set these up, i'll edit the post now. If you want to follow the development for the final stages join the discord!
Posted 22nd Jun 2020