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Obscuros Pixelmon

Obscuros Pixelmon


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Looking for a Pixelmon Server? We offer a home that never resets, where you can play any way you want. Whether that's casual survival style with progression or adventure-like with challenges, or party-like with minigames, we got it all in one creative package with a lot of heart.

Come join us and let us surprise you with a truly unique and original experience like you've never seen before. Explore and enjoy of our many features in company of beautifully designed Obscuros Regional Pokémon and a friendly, active community of players.

Instead of resets we add constant feature updates to keep players engaged and passionate about the server for a long time.

The easiest way to get started playing is by installing our Technic Pack here:

Server IP:

• Friendly Community: Community focused server
• User-friendly layout. Use your NavGear or /nav for easy navigation
• Obscuros Regional Pokémon: Unique Forms with different textures/stats/abilities/moves/sprites
• Naturally-spawning: Obscuros Form Pokemon & Custom Texture Pokémon [They are like 2nd shinies but more common]
• Obscuros Starters: 2nd Starters with unique typings
• Bug Contest: Hourly Contest, earn Bug Catching Points and claim unique rewards at /warp NationalPark
• Fishing Contest: Hourly Contest, Earn Fishing Points with a unique system and claim rewards at /warp FishingHamlet
• McMMO: Level Up System
• Treasure Hunts: Collect hidden treasures in the cities for Obscuros Form Pokémon & unique rewards
• Game Corner: Gamble and win prizes
• Pokémon Crane Game: Daily self-contained minigame. Anyone can participate, no advantages outside of skill and luck!
• Giant Pokemon Boss Raids: See raids schedule in our Discord (daily)
• Obscuros Region: Custom Cities to explore, with Boss Trainers and unique features
• Lunar New Year: Claim a unique Regional Form Dynasty Pokemon every year at /warp LunarNewYear
• Player Gyms ║ Player Elite Four ║ NPC Gyms ║ [open applications]
• Player Gym Rewards: Defeat Player Gym Leaders twice to get exclusive Gym Custom Textured Pokémon
• Pokémon Parks: Pal Park, Safari, National Park, Eterna Forest, & more
• Monthly Tournaments ║Monthly Drop Party [items donated by players]
• Events & Contests: [Iki Town Festival | Lake of Rage | Pokémon Snap | Fishing Contest | Bug Catching Contest | & more]
• Mt. Battle: Battle through all 100 Trainers for increasingly lucrative rewards
• Battle Tower: Battle endless randomized trainers to earn Battle Points and claim great rewards
• Rocket Castle: Battle Team Rocket to earn exclusive Pokémon and rewards
• Gym Leader Castle: Earn Castle Coins by defeating NPC Leaders & Trainers
• Battle Café: Battle all 3 Café Masters daily for delicious rewards
• Obscuros Regional Pokémon: Unique Forms with different textures/stats/abilities/moves/sprites
• Pokédex Rewards: Unique rewards as you catch more Pokémon
• Earnable in-game Ranks
• Unlockable Areas & /kits
• Aura effects: Particles for your Pokémon
• Octillery's Vote Shop: Exchange vote tokens for special goodies
• Mall: Use your well-earned PokeDollars to get a variety of exclusive Pokémon
• Persian's Gold Shop: Use PokeDollars for a chance to get random Gold Pokémon, Gold Bottle Cap & Auras
• NavGear: User-friendly layout. Use your NavGear or /nav for easy navigation
• PokeSell: Sell Pokemon to Shopkeepers!
• Pokémon Modifications: Buy Pokémon mods with in-game currency [not cheap]
• EV Training Arenas
• Level Up: ''Zen Garden'' Training Zone
• Farm World: For resource gathering
• Public Mines: /warp Mine & /warp Mine2
• Daycare: with Virtual Ranch Blocks [for better performance]
• All Ride Pokémon Enabled [no tokens required]
• GTS║Wondertrade║Hunts║Ultra Space enabled
• Keep Inventory║-Land & Chest Protection

Twitter: @PlayObscuros
Instagram: @PlayObscuros
Twitch: PlayObscuros

Posted 12th Mar 2023
very fun and good community
Posted 10th May 2022
Best server I seen and I've seen alot :D
Posted 6th Feb 2022
best server 1005% recomend ghoul_gamingyt
Posted 2nd Jan 2022
One of the best ive seen around; i was suprised on how much one can do on this server, also the amount of dedication and creative pixelmon that exist here. Obscuros is quite fun, u wont be dissapointed when choosing this server to start your new adventures
Posted 22nd Nov 2020
The absolutely best pixelmon server I've ever played on. Friendly staff, AMAZING community (Look out for DarkRenox, Airael, AwasteofAName, etc.) and the best part of all? I don't have to spend a dime to have a stable source of money, be sure to try out the battletower!

If you like breeding? You can make money off of that, building? People hire you for it, battling? Battle Tower is the best of them all!

The passionately angry review below was written by a toxic player who was at last banned for repeat offenses and then tantrum'd in the official discord, pinging every role possible. Ignore!
Posted 25th Oct 2020
This has to be the greatest Pixelmon server I've ever played on.
They have nice people, custom textured pokemon, as well as NPC gyms AND player gyms. Therefore it is a very good place to play, I encourage you to play.
Posted 25th Dec 2019
this is the best pixelmon server ever. its better than every single pixelmon server ive been on, the server owners are on a bunch and they are friendly. They are constantly working on improving the server and adding new features. They have events a lot of the time so there is always something to do. this server is nothing like ive seen before. i greatly appreciate everything they have done and everything they are doing. Keep up the good work guys.
Posted 24th Dec 2019
This is a really great server. You play however you want. If you want to battle NPC's, there is a 100 level challenge awaiting you. If you want to battle many different gyms, there are many player-owned and NPC owned gyms for you to test your self against. If you just want to run around and collect every kind of Pokemon, then no one will stop you. There is even a bunch of custom textured ones because just catching shinies can be boring. If you like breading pokes, if you just want to make a bunch of money by selling pokes, then this server has a full breading and selling services. And if like me, you just want to play vanilla with a little extra, that is alright too.
All the admins and mods are all really interested in making the server awesome, and they all are very active and can answer your questions
In terms of spawn rates, they are all vanilla, so there it is always exciting finding shinies and custom textured pokes, as well as not actually being overwhelmed by the amount of fancy and special pokes.
Posted 22nd Dec 2019
I've been playing on this server for approximately six months, and it has been an experience. The staff is very helpful and quite prompt, and the community has been generally great, with toxic players weeded out pretty quickly.

Players range in age group, from rather young to older players, with some members being active since the original releases back in the 90s. There are also a bevy of competitive players, as well as a more casual audience. Honestly, it truly has something for everyone.

A donation shop is available if you want to contribute to the server, but it isn't necessary at all to be competitive, and mostly just offers cosmetic rewards, such as custom textures for Pokemon, which are all designed by the admin or members of the community.

Gyms are player run, as are the Elite Four slots, and offer battles of varying skill level, as well as the ability to win exclusive textured Pokemon for no cost, in-game or otherwise.

The server has a thriving economy, built around battle perfect Pokemon, as well as textured and shiny Pokemon, which can both be found in the wild (in addition to donation textures).

Additionally, the server uses a breeding plug-in that feels leagues above the use of Ranch Blocks, so breeding takes minimal effort. EV Training is also a breeze, so you can get battle ready in no time. In my personal experience, it took me roughly a week after joining to have my first battle perfect Pokemon bred.

I can't sing praises enough for the server that I have found here. It's a place to call home in Minecraft.
Posted 22nd Dec 2019
A while ago I joined this server thinking it would keep me entertained for a week or so and nothing more. Its been around half a year now and I am still playing!

Fantastic friendly owners, mods, and staff who are constantly engaging with the community.

Player owned Gyms/Elite Four with players from many different timezones, meaning their is normally someone to face.

A welcoming, great community who are always willing to help players, new or experienced.

Amazing custom textured Pokemon; such as Royal Snorlax, Christmas Angel Ribombee, Sans Throh and so much more!

There has been a lot of work and care poured into this community and it definitely shows! If you are looking for a new Pixelmon server to join, then definitely give this one a try!
Posted 22nd Dec 2019
I believe this is possibly the best minecraft server there is. Speaking from experience, there is a great staff team and the community is kind and helpful. I highly recommend you try Obscuros. (Not false advertising or whatever the term is.)
Posted 22nd Dec 2019
Honestly if you are looking for a server with an amazing community obscuros is it the best community I have seen in a minecraft server overall and love to be apart of it. I’ve been playing for five months now and can not get bored on the server there is always something to do and the events just get better and better. Custom Textures are amazing and super creative, overall a great custom texture designer staff. Staff are amazing, nice, and super helpful. This server made me enjoy pixelmon again
Posted 22nd Dec 2019
I enjoy this server a lot. The staff is always kind and helpful, the custom textured Pokemon are very cool, the custom cities are amazing, and the community is very welcoming. I've enjoyed every part of this server ever since I've joined. The staff are always working hard to make the server better, and I think that they do an amazing job.
Posted 22nd Dec 2019
There are not enough positive things I can say about this server. The admin and helper team are fantastically awesome the environment is friendly without feeling restricted, the events are fun, and it feels like all players, subscribers and those like me who don’t have a subscription play on equal terms. I’ve completed 87% of my Pokédex and I’m excited to finish the rest.
Posted 22nd Dec 2019
Friendly staff, great rewards, and an amazing community. Lots of things to do, from breeding competitive Pokemon for Gyms/Tournaments, or partaking in events to get cool custom textured mons. Also, very minimal lag, from my experience. Best Pixelmon server I've joined by a mile.
Posted 22nd Dec 2019
Although I've not been the most active player on the server, I do know a good community when I see one. I never see any harassment or anyone treating each other poorly. The server is ever expansive with new content all the time because of all the hard work put into it by the staff. The staff is always there if needed even if they aren't on the server at the time, just shoot a message to discord and one always gets back to you. I've watched this server grow since my brother first showed it to me and I've always been hooked. There is always something to do or someone to talk to or even a new place to find. The community that has sprouted around this server is truly amazing and I can't wait to see what's next.
Posted 22nd Dec 2019
Fun events, cool rewards, awesome cities, and tons of hidden easter eggs and loot to be found. One of the few pixelmon servers I have found where there are actual skilled trainers to battle. The custom textured pokemon are a really nice touch and add something new and fun. Really friendly, helpful, and active community and staff. The server runs great as well which is always nice. No matter if you are a collector or a battler, this is a great place to play!
Posted 22nd Dec 2019
This server has been great fun since day one, the owners are always trying to add and improve things. From custom plugins to having great community events, they pour all their time into what they do. To them, this isn't a job, this is what they wanted to do for fun, so others can have fun as well. The community is by far some of the friendliest I've seen, from owners, staff, gym leaders, even regular players, everyone is always willing to help out in some fashion and be apart of the community. This server is great, for those that are wanting to be competitive or just wanting some casual play, there's things for everyone out there. There is a ton of warps and towns to explore, over 30 player ran gyms, over 100 different texture for pokemon. The most important part of the server, is the player, the owners are always looking for feedback on what there is and what there can be to improve/fix. They are apart of the community in a big way, I've been on servers where the owner just sits back and watches what goes on the server, not really watching what is truly happening or caring about whats going on. The server as a whole is friendly and wants you to be apart of it. Join the server and see how you like it yourself.
Posted 22nd Dec 2019
Great server.

The community is very helpful and friendly, the server itself is very nicely built and the staff do their jobs efficiently.
Posted 22nd Dec 2019
The staff are amazing on this server. Always willing to help, and listening to the community about complaints. Hardly any server down time, unless a new feature is being implemented, to which there is always warning for. Great custom skins, and a fun environment both for competitive and casual players
Posted 22nd Dec 2019
This is by far the best pixelmon server out there with a bunch of cool features such as textured pixelmon, great warps, nice community, gyms, and kind staff. In all I've played on many pixelmon servers but like I said this one is the best so you should try it out.
Posted 22nd Dec 2019
This is by far the best pixelmon server I have been on. I have bounced around a couple of pixelmon servers, but the community is what sold me with Obscuros. The is almost always some one on to help if you ask, they are very friendly, and they are just gosh darn good people. I 100% recommend this server. Stop by and see for your self.
Posted 22nd Dec 2019
Used to play on here with my ex, really nice community and owner, great special skins and everything just feels like its lacking a bit in events and such. Give it a shot tho, you might like it.
The server replied:
Crane Game Event, Raids Events, Bug Catching Contest, Pokemon Snap Contest, Monthly Tournaments, Player-made tournaments, Special Events like Iki Town Festival, Lake of Rage, the biggest Halloween event in any Minecraft server, this and some more.

Hope you decide to come back and get your mind changed regarding our Events.
Posted 12th Dec 2019
100111010110010101 Nice server
Posted 1st Nov 2019