This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Prismatic Pixelmon

Prismatic Pixelmon


Fast updates, we aim to update to the latest version of Reforged within 7 days. Currently running reforged 7.

Prismatic Pixelmon is back. We are a none op server with a unique progression system that lets you select different choices and roles as you progress. Quests will be coming soon.

Shiny starters are disabled.
Gyms are implemented.

The server is hosted in Montreal, Canada

I joined this server before the 7.0.0 reset. I played it for a tad, was the only one online at the moment. I came back a few days or a week or so later and I meet this guy Bob, saying it was pointless to be playing and I shouldn’t be waisting my time because the server was about to be wiped for the new update. I replied to him, “I’m not waisting my time, because I’m talking to you.”
I saw great potential in this community after previously getting removed from staff on another one. I knew this would be a good place to start over.
I saw there was a lot to be done and I had so many ideas on how to make the community a better place.

Some features I especially enjoyed was...
The ability to earn the /pokeheal, /pc, /tradesim, and /fly as well as shiny tokens and ranks from completing the Pokédex
Free EV Training at /warp ev as well as an NPC that sells ev reducing berries
The ability to create guilds
The ability to get purchasable rank items from vote crates and other crate keys
/warp shop with basic building blocks, held item shop, pokeball shop, changing TM seller based on time, as well as changing move tutor moves based on time

Here I met people who truly put their community before themselves and worked their very best to improve and take criticism in all areas. There have been some up and down moments most definitely but they were handled maturely and in a timely manner. Staff here actually show care and concern for their community and aren’t afraid to personally assist people in need, and leave a lasting impact.
Posted 19th Feb 2019