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Pixelmon To Go

Pixelmon To Go

Pixelmon To Go

Welcome to Pixelmon To Go!
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Version: Pixelmon Reforged

We're here and have all the amazing custom content we previously had, as well as many interesting and interesting aspects on the server, including Wondertrade, EV / IV, Unique Gyms, weekly events, and more! At Pixelmon To Go, our goal is to create the best server experience and the best Pixelmon experience we can provide! We run Pixelmon To Go with professional standards and strive to please every new user who joins our server!

best mine craft server good community fun stuff overall its a great server
Posted 25th Aug 2021
pogger cause its great so pogger
Posted 9th Aug 2021
Been playing the server for three days and having a lot of fun great game. one thing that is amazing is that they give a tour of everything right at the very start of the play through
Posted 8th Aug 2021
best pixelmon server ive ever played
Posted 5th Aug 2021
pretty epic. i like the lack of fall damage. starting claim sizes are much too small imo because i tend to build big but eh it's fine. :p
Posted 6th Jul 2021
10/10 server very poggers if i could say so myself
Posted 13th Jun 2021
I love this server i hope it does well
Posted 9th May 2021
Very good I really like it.
Posted 28th Apr 2021
nice server, and very nice people
Posted 20th Apr 2021
10/10 server, played on it for ages now and still not bored - I'd really recommend it! There are fun events, all the staff are nice, there are custom biomes and the community is really friendly! :3

Posted 3rd Mar 2021
i loved playing but if you say ur mom when its a joke you get a warn but i have anger issues so if you read this looter im so so sorry... ik you hate me but is there a chance i can still play on server but just be banned for a few days? if not im sorry ...for being a bad friend...
Posted 25th Jan 2021
Amazing server the biomes are the best
Posted 16th Jun 2020