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PixelScape is a new, small population Pixelmon server with Helpful Admins and Moderators.

In the world of PixelScape you can catch Legendary Pokemon, Compete in Gyms, EV/IV Train your pokemon for PVP, Compete in our custom made Gyms to obtain your badges and you can also Wonder Trade and Auction your Pokemon.

All new players who Log into PixelScape for the first time will be gifted ANY shiny pre-evolution Pokemon of their choice (Legendary and 2nd/3rd stage not included)

you can also register with our website over at:

Realy unfriendly staff.
You get 1 shiny after a month, the admin dont show up.
0% chanse to catch a legendary pokemon as long as you dont buy it for over price.

If you lose a pokemon from a glitch or bug you dont get it back becouse admin dont show up and the staff gives a shit on that.
Posted 17th Sep 2016
Unfriendly staff, un-interactive and unfriendly playerbase and a P2W aspect - would not recommend.
Posted 26th Aug 2016
Really fun, simple and friendly. Set up is cool and it's nice to see a server being built from the ground up and progressing so well. Still much to improve but it is only getting better by the day :)
Posted 5th Aug 2016