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TidalMC is here!

TidalMC is a Minecraft server run by a group of friendly people who are truly passionate about Pixelmon. It is by following our vision that we try to innovate the gameplay for both hardcore and more casual players.

Go on adventures together, Fight raids, explore, build, play your Pixelmon adventure your way!
With the support of helpful and kind staff, we try to make it an experience to remember!

Come meet our custom Pokemon, scattered across the lands! Follow quests to stories untold.

But that’s not all! Come visit our Safari, test out custom enchants, battle the elite 4, collect textured pokemon, complete your pokedex and many more activities!

Come and check us out at: [insert IP address] and we hope to see you soon!

can you whitelist me please
IGN: Colzill
Posted 2nd Jul 2024