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Pixelmon Revived

Pixelmon Revived


[Player Gyms, Safari Zone, Economy, GTS, Friendly Staff, Events, Shiny Starters]
Pixelmon Revived is the upcoming biggest and most entertaining server possible. We have combined the region of Kanto with its challenges and features with the grind and addicting aspects of pixelmon. You can do it all on Pixelmon Revived. The map is so big that you will never cease to experience new adventures. The Gyms require skill and a strong team in order beat their perfectly trained teams. Also trainers can obtain useful perks just by progressing in their pokedex! Come see for yourself why so many players are having a blast on Pixelmon Revived!

Got banned from the server for giving my stuff away

All the owner cares about is getting players not caring for the current players

In 1 day you can gey arceus because of how bad their system is
Posted 18th Jun 2019