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Hey! My name is Owen or owenhhh, or as my ign says: AccfOwen.
I've created a pixelmon server that I hope will have a community that plays often and enjoys this server.
It doesn't need staff.
Hosted by Serverminer has 2GB dedicated RAM, 40 slots.
About me: I am 16 years old, still in school obviously, meaning: I can't always be on the server.
I have been staff on many servers before and I am a huge donator and 'participant' on another server: PokeSlam.
I have been playing Minecraft since beta 1.8, and I am a huge fan of Pokemon and Pixelmon.
I am in West Canada for anyone wondering about the location of the host.

The ip is if you didn't already get it and join soon because you'll have fun! :) See you there.

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