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Welcome to Hariza, where your Minecraft Dreams come true.
Hariza is a server developed to fulfill the players' expectations from a Pixelmon server. From the gameplay to the game assistance, we worked hard to ensure that players never get bored even while we're working on improving our performances.

By joining Hariza you're joining a server in Beta Test. There is stuff missing, there is some few bugs, and crashes are NOT impossible. However, we're not making our reputation from that! Here are few useful informations related to the server:

  • We run on a server with an uptime of 99.80%. The 0.2% of downtime is to add new content, crash fixes, or simply to fix a system issue.

  • Our spawn is designed so you can find yourself in the map easily and that without stressing your computer performances. From weak computers to Extreme performance gaming computers, our server is made so you can play without lagging.

  • We run a shop with 3 algorithms to ensure that our economy remains stable. That way, the players both find it easy to farm, but takes enough of time so you don't own every single items in the game in 20 minutes.

  • Our voting system as well as donating system are 100% automated. That way, players can vote for a decent advantage without disrupting the gameplay of the server. Our donation system is automated to avoid potential illegal chargebacks that could affect the server's performance.

  • As our server is in development, as much as there's stuff missing, we want the players to always have fun! That being said, there's an event hosted either by the system or by our own Staff Members once every week at a scheduled time so you enjoy your time!

There's so much more to find out at Hariza! Why not giving it a try? Join the Hariza community now!

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