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PokeBattle Craft

PokeBattle Craft



  • NEWLY ADDED:- (Custom shiny starters like Eevee and more!)
  • Survival
  • No Hunger
  • Gyms
  • Elite Four
  • Grief Preventions (Golden shovel claim)
  • xTeams (Teams with prefix behind your names!)
  • Free rank (PBTrainer, comes with /nick, /pet and /kit PBtrainer =D)
  • Economy
  • Player shops (You get plots from admins and you build your shop there!)
  • No lag
  • Beautiful website
  • Youtuber/Builder spots are open
  • EXP Grinder for new players
  • EV Training zones for public use
  • Reset EV's of a pokemon for free!
  • Best of all... Funny/Friendly staff =D (Including the owner)

Hello, and welcome to the world of Pixelmon! Here at PokeBattle Craft we offer the ultimate Pixelmon survival experience. Choose your starter Pixelmon and battle through all 8 gyms and the Elite 4 with this amazing community!

On this server, we offer many awesome facilities for you to enjoy Pixelmon at its best! This server maintains a clean environment so swearing is allowed but to an extent. We offer experience grinders for low leveled Pokemon to get to a decent level for the first gym - but then you're on your own! Are you a hardcore EV trainer? No problem! Poke BattleCraft features a free and easy EV training facility where Pokemon will be constantly spawned for you to grind to your heart's content! Or maybe you're a breeder, but can't live with finding time for the drag of egg hatching, in between everything else you want to do! Enjoy our egg hatching track, filled with speed boosts to blaze your way through the process! You can rent a plot for FREE, build your own shop and sell your stuff yourself! To spice things up, we've added crates! Keys for them can be won in events (Such as tournaments, weekly events and such) but you get 5 daily keys by voting so that you don't feel left out.

We at PokeBattle Craft pride ourselves in our tight-knit community. You will find everything from battlers to collectors, from shiny hunters to business people, and everything in between! Form teams with your fellow players, or become the next server millionaire, buying and selling in our player-run shops! Wonder trade for surprise Pokemon, or try to beat the other player's in the fun anagram minigame in chat!

PokeBattle Craft has a whole lot to offer you! So what are you waiting for? Your very own Pixelmon legend is about to unfold! A world of dreams and adventures with Pixelmons awaits! Let's go!

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