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HeartCraft Pixelmon

♥HeartCraft Pixelmon♥


HeartCraft is not a server: it's a universe. A temple in which people can interact within a lively community,
participate in competitions, and rocket to astounding heights in the Pokemon League. Every trainer's paradise
in this Pokemon-based MMO Minecraft adventure lies within the core of that IP address. Open the gates to
a boundless world and begin your quest to become the absolute best. What more must you wait for?
Your starter Pokemon awaits your arrival.

HeartCraft has many features to offer our players.

Use the command "/refer website PixelmonServers" for an extra bonus when you join!

  • Level 15 Starters
  • Shiny Starters
  • No obnoxious P2W system
  • Daily Kits
  • Ranks Based on your progression as a Trainer
  • Pokemon Hunts
  • Weekend Drop Parties
  • Claims with GriefPrevention
  • An open community dedicated to having a good time
  • Friendly Staff

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