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Hello Pokemon Trainers,

Welcome to Pixelmon Galaxy.

We are a newly opened server with an already growing and diverse player-base. Dipping into our toolbox of knowledge on owning servers, we are able to provide a fun experience to a whole range of different play-styles. Our custom plugins allow you, the player, to do what Minecraft intended - play how you like.

Want to spend hours building magnificent homes?
Our simple claim protection plugin and easy access to all blocks and resources helps with that.

Are you an extrovert wanting to interact with interesting people?
We welcome everyone to talk in our chat about anything, as long as you are respectful. We are building a friendly but unique community community and are interested in what you have to say.

Are you competitive and want to be the very best?
We hold weekly tournaments and competitive events for those that think they are good enough. Not to mention we track your win/loss ratio, so we know who really is the very best.

Here at Pixelmon Galaxy, we won't tell you how to play. In-fact, we want to hear from you. We always appreciate the opportunity to listen to you on what you think can be improved on and what you'd like to see in the future. After-all, our end goal is to make you, the players of Pixelmon Galaxy, enjoy your time playing.

Check out our Discord. Here you can chat with other players, be notified of events, and talk directly with staff.

Here are just some of the standouts of our server:

  • 5x Spawning
  • Active Economy
  • Gyms
  • Elite 4
  • 12 Custom Built Towns
  • Pets
  • Regular Events
  • Drop Parties
  • Build Protection
  • Crates
  • Trading System
  • Voting

We look forward to chatting with you on the server!

SUPER! This servers community is the best, and i really enjoy playing on the server!

IGN Trigeer
Posted 23rd Apr 2021
I think its a cool server with a good community.
Posted 22nd Apr 2021
I have been playing for about a week, and so far the server is amazing. There are events such as raids, and tournaments that anyone can take part in. The staff, and player base are extremely helpful, and nice. I will be playing on this server for a long time.
IGN: Northern_Scholar
Posted 19th Apr 2021
This server is lots of fun. The spawn is very nice and so are the players. The discord is also really fun, again the people are nice to talk to and hang out with. I recommend this server! If you ever want to start or hang out my user is DatPotatoLuna!
Posted 15th Apr 2021
Awesome server and community everyone is super friendly!
Ign- ninjatenice
Posted 15th Apr 2021
Only been playing for a few days now, but I really like this server. Its first time playing a mc server in 3+Years and I'm glad that I picked this one to be a part of. Friendly players and staff, with daily challenges to keep it interesting .

IGN: crokanaw3322
Posted 14th Apr 2021
I really like server I farm sugarcane becaues I get rich and I catch pokemon I don't have shiny jet but I will get shiny soon and then I WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!

IGN: HolyCurry
Posted 13th Apr 2021
Great server, daily challenges are not too tough and offer good rewards. Mods (and everyone in the server in general) are really friendly, honestly nothing to complain. The only thing is the gym leaders, who aren't online THAT frequently, but they can be contacted via the discord.

My IGN is HolyKetchup
Posted 11th Apr 2021
I just started on the server a few days ago, and the community is so nice!
Posted 10th Apr 2021
Really fun server to play on. Friendly community.
Posted 8th Apr 2021
I have been playing this server for a while now its really fun to play. I spent ages finding a server which was right for me. The x5 spawn rate really helps. IGN Jonny845
Posted 7th Apr 2021
So far this modpack has been quite enjoyable. Lots of room to roam around, the pokemon are very diverse, and the community so far has been extremely helpful. Just trying to learn the ins and outs of the game now.
Posted 7th Apr 2021
Really fun server with lots of friendly people and cool crates and good vibes IGN: aana
Posted 7th Apr 2021
Very helpful and friendly staff, fair prices on in game purchases.
IGN: FurpxIvy
Posted 6th Apr 2021
I would say that I can separate my experiences into two different categories, good and bad, and that for the most part everything has been rather good.

For what's good, I think it's a rather chill server, albeit slightly overwhelming at first due to personal ADHD. It seems like mods are pretty good at preventing harassment, since none has really occurred in my time there. It's also friendly in terms of starting out, with most settings being rather forgiving such as keep inventory being on as well as vanilla mobs being disabled. This can help prevent any frustration due to repeated deaths.

On top of this, there are plenty of ways to earn items outside of simply paying, such as winning random trivia or doing daily challenges and getting daily rewards. The daily challenges in particular are rather good as well, giving a goal to grind for, albeit a few are overly difficult due to certain resources being lacking such as blaze rods.

The pre-built world and towns are also rather nice. The trainer battles tend to scale with the player, allowing them to progress at their own pace. On top of this, the battles provide a proper challenge instead of being solely easy.

As for my negatives, I only have two issues which are mostly personal. I think that while no vanilla mobs helps make things easier, it makes obtaining certain drops much more difficult due to Pixelmon's drop rates for certain items. For example, most Pokemon that drop blaze rods are incredibly difficult to find, which is problematic due to the fact that they're required for a Good Rod.

As well as that, due to the amount of people on the server, many pre-generated structures have been destroyed, especially pokecenters and pokemarts, which are entirely ransacked for their healers, PCs, and vending machines. However, an easy solution is to just warp to spawn, as the structures there are permanent.

Overall, the experience has been pleasantly calm and friendly, beyond a few small issues.

Posted 4th Apr 2021
People are so friendly here! The admins, mods, and overall the players are really kind and supportive. It feels like I've known these people forever, but its only been a week haha <3 - Techno_Maid_/wilbyscoot_
Posted 1st Apr 2021
i love this server its so fun
Posted 31st Mar 2021
Yeah man... thiis server be hitten doe. - ezthegreat7
Posted 26th Mar 2021
First and only pixelmon server i've played on, nice map and good kits.
Posted 24th Mar 2021
Amazing server with extreamly friendly people and alot of ways to have fun be it fighting all the gyms, trying to complete the pokedex, or just breeding and selling high iv pokemon to other people. this server is made for any kind of trainer. -JackRabbittt273
Posted 23rd Mar 2021
Really great server with an amazing community and potential friends.

Staff are amazing, will help you out.

Posted 22nd Mar 2021
I think this server is amazing! there are so many things to do that are not only part of pixelmon but are special to this server. there are very kind players on this server! (IGN) StudiedWhisper.
Posted 21st Mar 2021
This is fun! There are a few glitches with the daily tasks and pokedex but it is still fun!
Posted 20th Mar 2021
I love this server I have almost 300 hours on it and I'm planning to get more! I've tried other servers but just don't like them this server is perfect!

Posted 15th Mar 2021
Approaching 100 hours on this server and have enjoyed my time so far. Very welcoming community and good plugins.

IGN - nohandlebars
Posted 12th Mar 2021