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Pixelmon Galaxy

Pixelmon Galaxy



A simple and easy to navigate spawn
Ghost Gym

Ghost Gym

One of the many player run gyms

Server Information:



Current Pixelmon & Forge Versions:

Pixelmon 5.1.1:

Forge 10.0.2:

Hello Pokemon Trainers,

Welcome to Pixelmon Galaxy; a newly created Pixelmon server that has an ever-growing growing community. We are constantly pushing out new features to further increase the enjoyment for players. Since we are a new server, you will be able to make your voice heard and add real contributions that will affect the future of the server!

What We Offer:

Battle Tower - See how high you can get in our custom made Battle Tower! Fight an NPC trainer on every level to the top for rewards along the way and a mega reward at the top!
Increased Legendary Spawns - Enjoy finding legendaries more often with increased spawn rates & lower spawn times!
Crates - Open Crates for epic rewards! Obtain keys from kits and voting!
Scavenger Hunt - We have unique scavenger hunt styled drop parties EVERY SATURDAY, where even the laggiest players can get items! :)
Events - Events to obtain rewards and show off your mightiest pokemon!
Gym Leaders - Want to battle a gym? Be prepared to battle a real person!
Towns - Claim your own area and invite friends!
Auctions - Auction a pokemon to other players on the server!
Lottery - Are you feeling lucky, punk? Well you may just win thousands of dollars by typing 1 command!
Voting - Obtain rewards from voting daily! Top voters get up to $15 to use on the store!
WonderTrade - Want to try your luck? Trade in a pokemon for a chance to get a random pokemon, including legendaries!
Friendly - Staff and Players are all just looking to have a fun time!

I really enjoy playing on this server, it is a very welcoming community and the staff are excellent! It features many cool things that I haven't seen on other servers so I cannot wait to continue playing on here!

Posted 14th Jun 2017