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Pixelmon Adventure!

Pixelmon Adventure!

Start your Pixelmon adventure here!
Beautiful Scenery

Beautiful Scenery

Everything looks amazing!

MrMimeCraft, a Pixelmon-based multiplayer experience with devoted players and strong competition to be the very best. We are a server for the community run by the community, meaning that all updates willl be voted by the community! Come join and train up so you'll be prepared for the battle! Lots of new features being added all the time like a Pixelmon Trading Card game!

I have been playing this server for the past month almost non-stop because I love that the world wasn't decorated with huge buildings with complicated rules and such.

That is what makes this server so awesome its simple!
I can also jump onto the world and build what I would like I can give the admins my 2 cents when building something.
This server is a great homey server almost like a small little family, Chat isn't spammed by 1 person and you know everyone in the little community.

11/10 Rating :>
Posted 25th Sep 2016
Good spawn
Great community
Clear rules
Nice website
Awesome staff!

To whoever made that long post, are you sure you joined the right server? That's not Mr. Mimecraft you describe.
Posted 25th Sep 2016
First of all, I love the spawn. It has a nice and clear rules board, information on how to start your adventure, lovely decoration done by the Admins, local Pokécenters, Pokémarts and necessary NPC's, a detailed Pokémon arena and a warp room.

One thing that I'd like to see is a board showing all of the staff and trusted members, just to help new users if they need anybody professional to talk to.

One nice touch is how welcoming the server is. I'm greeted by a Welcome message from the server, as well as a welcome message from the community. Nothing's better than entering a game and instantly feeling welcome.

The world looks quite professional with the array of towns being built and the Admin-build areas such as spawn.

One more thing I'd like to add. You may need more staff members. I've been playing for quite a while, and to my knowledge there's only two staff members. Apart from that, everything seems great and I'll definitely continue playing.

Overall: I'm loving the server, keep it up.

Thanks for reading
Posted 25th Sep 2016
1337/1337 Rating

Really fun server, easy to get along and started about. Good community and staff.
Easy systems and rules to obey.
A fun and happy community.

If you have a wooden plate with electric wires...
And not an actual PC, don't complain da FPS lag.
Go buy a new computer, frikin pleb. <.<

Haters can go take themselves in the butt. ;)
Posted 25th Sep 2016
5/5 Amazing best Pixelmon server ever I love it great community. Great commands great spawn Great everything great ranks in shop
Posted 25th Sep 2016

This is a quite long comment, please, read it.
If you are the owner of the server, I reccommend you to read it entirely. I dont want to make a destrying comment, i want just to help making a better server.


The Ultra pickpack for this server is really laggy, when i entered the server I only had 3FPS and it was quite hard to lower the settings to be able to play normally.

I think is a great idea to add more mods to a server, but it doesnt work good if you also add shaders.

Think that a normal computer can have 8gb of RAM, my computer has 8gb of ram, and I couldn't play with the shaders. The furniture mod is a great mod to add to a pixelmon server, but, if you have that mod, put it in the description of the server, if not, people can think you just need pixelmon (You also haven't put that you need the beta 5 of the pixelmon mod version you are using).

Next thing, the Spawn. Is one of the worst spawns i have ever seen. Here are my questions about the spawn:
·Where is the rules board?
·Where is the staff board?
·Where can new people see how does the server works?
·Where is the beautiful decoration that took a few days to be finished?
·Where is the pokecenter?
·Where are the player shops?
·Where is the pokemon arena?
·Where is the board with the basic commands?
·Where is the place with all the places you can teleport to? (Or just a board with all the public warps)

Ok, now, most pixelmon servers, when a new user joins, the comunity says "Welcome", or something similar, where is that? If a comunity (or just one person) says the player "Welcome", most of players start thinking that the server may be good. When i entered, no one told me anything.

Next question: Where do you show users how to claim a piece of land? Are there cities?You need a golden shovel? What about using a command like /claim or something like that?

Ok, the next question is: Where is the staff member who offer you his/her help to start? or just a simple place with the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)?

This looks like a homemade survival just for 1 person or ready to play with a few friends. The server looks like a world that a 10 year old kid can do in less than 2 hours.
My question: Are you happy with your creation?

If I was the owner of this server, I will close it, work a few weeks on it, and re-open it after that work with these changes:
-A good spawn (With all the things I asked for and a bit more)
-A better pickpack
-A special place for new users with all the things they need to know about the server
-Complete the server description, its empty
And i will not stop working until im really happy of my creation.

You can ask people to help building the spawn, you can also ask someone to build it for you... The point is, if you ask someone to build the spawn, put on it the name of the person who made it.

You have a good idea, now you must show the users how good is it, the furniture mod has a lot of things to do with it, use that advantage to make something good, you can build houses on the spawn to rent or sell them to users, you can create a lot of things with that mod.

Remember, if you dont make an effort to create a good server, people will not stay on that server.

A few months ago I started playing on a server, first it had a few users, when i went for vacation, they had a maximum number of users online of 40, when i came back after 2 weeks, it had around 100. The server had all the things a user needs.

I know that this is a new server, but when i joined the server, it only had around 2 weeks, it was also new. But there was a great differece between that server and this, that one was great, this is quite bad. Shaders dont make a server better.

Thanks for reading
The server replied:
Not sure what server you visited... I suggest you repay the server another visit and reform your bad review.
And as to the 3fps? that is a problem on your end, like your computer cannot run the server with shaders.... which is why i have a high, and low pack... maybe you should try the low one.
:) thanks.
Posted 21st Aug 2016