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The Noobs


Hi, this server comes with a whole bunch of snazzy features such as economy, clans and warps! dont want to eat? good because you dont need to eat on this server! loads more plugins to come as well as gyms and stuff

I've spent somewhere around 10 hours on this server at a guess, and never seen anyone else join (but I did see someone leave the server who never showed up as joining and wasn't there before I joined, which is kinda odd). It'd be cool if someone could tell me whether this is actually US based or something, then I'd move on. In terms of performance and stuff, it seems good enough. Only lagged when trying to fly on a pokemon. Luckily, the gyms are functional without needing a player to be the gym leader, although admittedly this does take away from the fun of it a little.

Posted 11th Jul 2016