This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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DittoCraft Pixelmon TCG

Pixelmon TCG

Pixelmon TCG

DittoCraft Pixelmon TCG


Competitive Pixelmon TCG server
All players get access to /tcg give card/deck [/warp tcg]
Customise and build your own deck!
Come try out our server!!
We are looking for passionate Pixelmon TCG players.

Here are some of our features:
⇨ Quality Support
⇨ Cool Kanto Map
⇨ Adventure Roleplay
⇨ EV Training
⇨ PokeStops
⇨ Pixelmon Auction
⇨ All players get access to /breed
⇨ Gym Leaders get to build their own gym.
⇨ NPC Gyms - Normal and Advanced Mode
⇨ Crates
⇨ Safari Zone
⇨ Buy land/plots to build a base. (Create teams)
⇨ NPC Shopkeepers at the Shopping Mall
⇨ Boss Spawners at each route

Have an awesome day!!

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