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PixelCore is on Pixelmon Reforge 7.0.7 When you join the server there will be Shiny Starters!, We have a Big Maze with a big reward at the end, We also have people gyms!

Let's start at the beginning, first thing on login, I recognize the map, it's been stolen from a server I played on before, the owner being a close friend. I ask the owner verbatim "where'd you get the spawn?" and he replied, "wdym I paid a build team to make it" which came off as very defensive as all I asked was where he got it, seems like a pretty normal question if you have such a large spawn build. He said he got it from shapescape(a build team), then my friend who originally had the map commissioned for his server years ago gets on and hops on voice chat with me. He proceeds to ask if he's sure he got it from the build team and not a private individual, he says he paid someone on discord for it who said that was his build team, so at this point the owner is either lying or got scammed. Both of which aren't desirable as he proceeded to ask my friend how to paste a schematic and how to turn off pvp. So he really doesn't know what he's doing with the server or know the mod as you'll see later in my story. I log out shortly after this.
Later on I log back on to a new spawn they downloaded off somewhere. I go around looting end cities in ultra space and strongholds in the overworld. My name is said by someone with the VIP tag, don't really care to respond, not in the mood to chat.
Then the same person sends Korean characters, my name is Chinese, racist or ignorant you decide, later on it seems like this person is actually some form of staff it seems.
A short while passes, turns out the staff has been following me in ./v and teleports me into a barrier block cell at spawn as they interrogate me about how I got the iron and gold stacks in my chests, end cities as anyone who knows anything about this mod since ultra space comes out would know, the blue orbs on me, that the location where i looted them isn't listed on the wiki, but I tell them where I looted it and how to confirm it, but instead of confirming it as I said they continue to insist otherwise based on the wiki, and some other source they didn't name instead of easily checking the location itself as I suggested, and how I was finding strongholds, stronghold calculator, as I was at like 25kx25k in a world with no border, kind of unreasonable to expect someone to not use a commonly used tool like a stronghold calc in minecraft especially when at that distance from spawn the stronghold could be thousands of blocks away. And when I finally appeased their suspicions essentially brought about by me knowing the game and mod, they were oh so nice as to let me off with a warning for using a stonghold calc, and then told me not to use it anymore, as other people who get on later could want to loot/find them as well. As I would totally be able to loot all strongholds in a world with no world border, or even all the stringholds in a 10k x 10k space, rtp sends you to like 25k * X so yeah, not really an issue. But instead of asking nicely if maybe I could not go crazy looting them for the sake of other players, even though I'm putting in the time on their server to find them and anyone else could still go to them to get to the end as I'm not claiming any of them, they tell me very finally, that I am not to use it anymore. Whatever, scummy imo, but whatever.
I decide I'ma go kill the ender dragon and get the exp and egg and get off for the night. farm enough eyes after about an hour and finally get there, battle it for 5 mins and the owner/admin teleports to me and kills the dragon, takes the egg and the exp. I say "I kinda wanted to kill that" and he responds "me too", and all the staff laugh. Definitely scummy there, not much debate on that I'd like to think.
And when I asked if we could get ./back as most servers have that, I was told it was a donator perk for a certain rank, though ./buy doesn't work so either the shop isn't done yet, so can't check, or that's just another thing he doesn't know how to do. Well, they didn't tag the server as not p2w so I guess I shouldn't be surprised it sounds like it's gonna be hella p2w. But hey, if you like not knowing whether you don't have a perm because the owner doesn't know how to give it to you or because it's a donator perk for some reason, this is definitely the server for you.
Update: They definitely saw my review when it was posted and instead of addressing any of the mentioned issues they deleted my inventory and all the items in my home, quite mature
Posted 14th Aug 2019
Can't stress this enough:

1. The spawn is clearly stolen off another server or PlanetMC.

2. Commands as basic as /help don't work.

3. The server is clearly unfinished, and lacks any form of structure.

4. Staff are inactive. So I can't say anything about their attitude, because I never see them.

5. Go elsewhere!!! There are far more developed servers out there that have been made recently. All of which seem to be in a somewhat workable state, unlike this server.
Posted 11th Aug 2019
Such a cash grab lmao, so obvi. Now we wait for the flood of staff member and players bribed to leave good reviews lol
Posted 11th Aug 2019