This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Welcome to Rikxelistic!

Mods Needed:

Pixelmon: Get pixelmon version 4.2.7 here

Here at Rikxelistic we strive for a friendly environment where all players will feel welcomed! We have some of the best staff out there who are always willing to help you, the staff are in all different timezones and are on always all times of the day. We offer a 100% lag free environment with our own realistic generation.

Server Features:

Rikxelistic is an under powered Pixelmon server! WonderTrade is available and if you're lucky you may find a legendary in there along with pokemon that range from level one to forty! You can Rankup by just playing on the server each rankup has additional unique commands unlocked to it. We have NPC shops that can be found in spawn and throughout the towns in the pokeshops. Gyms are run by NPC's and you can battle them at absolutely any time of the day and they will adapt to your fighting style as well so expect a challenge! Don't worry about your items, you keep your inventory on death so there are no pesky surprises that will leave you item-less. Food is no problem either, we have the sever set on peaceful just for your convenience! Worried about pesky griefers? Worry no more as we have a top of the line grief prevention plugin called, Grief Prevention also known as the golden shovel plugin! Join now!

I've been playing on this server for over a year it was good, the staff were nice and the players helped others.
But I stopped playing for a month then the players were rude, the staff weren't helpful at all and it basically went from 100% kind and friendly to 0% kind and friendly.
Posted 13th Dec 2016
the server is filled with horrid staff that tend to ignore you then mute you for spamming when you try to get an answer. the server itself is barely set up. lacking a decent economy any kind of competitive battling or events. All positive reviews i have seen for this server are all lies. my guess it was the server staff trying to trick people into playing on their server. 3/10 not worth your time.
Posted 25th Sep 2016
I used to love being on this server. Then that all changed. HeadStaff thought it was ok to trash talk behind players backs and laugh about it. Staff thought it was ok to bully other players for trying to help when no staff was paying attention. Funny fact is Lightningo7(owner) was on when head staff and helpers were doing this and making people feel like shit but he did nothing talk about a whiny bitchy 15 year old. He says he does things for the server but he doesn't he just sits there laughing with head staff and praising people who support his shitty staff and him. So with all said if you want a good server, it defiantly isn't Rixelistic.
Posted 23rd Sep 2016
So first of all, I'm from Brooklyn, and I tend to speak in ebonics, which is appantly, not English and not tolerated in the public chat. I was specifically told to "stop with the 'iggity' talk."
Third of all, I thought that I could break watermelon to obtain melons for crafting purposes. I recieved a warning message after breaking said fruit, reading, "You do not have permission to build here", followed with a ban with a message that read, "Take some time to think about what you have done." I was banned for 2 days. Utter bull crap. This server can dead eat the booty. No stars.
Posted 19th Sep 2016
Second of all, our vernacular may be a bit zoned, but the rights were still on our side. How them nigs finna say we can't speak Spanish, but then take away our american rights when speaking English? they wild. they don't know me. i got them manos fuerte, nigga. finna teach them what hand-eye coordination means in Brooklyn. (it doesn't mean anything in Brooklyn...yet).

none the less, the staff blows. And i'm not talkin bout Gandalf.

ya boi,
Posted 19th Sep 2016
The server has several unique features. This server is the type where you can start playing pixelmon for the first time and leave being a pro. There is very helpful community and gyms that teach you how to battle. With a easy going economy the server makes a great place to learn pixelmon.
Posted 29th Aug 2016
Of all the 4.2.7 pixelmon servers I've tried, this one is the best I've seen yet. Every part of this server ranging from the professional buildings and NPC gyms along with an active society convinced me to stay awhile.

Check it out, you'll love it!
Posted 29th Aug 2016
In my long experience with the Pixelmon Mod this is one of the most professional servers I have ever played on. The custom Landscapes are Beautiful. The Staff is kind be it a tad bit overly strict. The overall setup is amazingly well done and detailed. I recommend this server if you are looking for a Peaceful more Pokemon/Building Pixelmon Server and want to find a place where you can spend your time with friendly people. Just be wary of the rules as, like I said before, the staff can be a bit overly strict on some of the rules.
Posted 16th Aug 2016
Another user was issued a warning for excessive character use over typing 'hahaha' in chat following his description of an experience he just had.

I thought it was an auto-warning generated by a plugin/chatbot but it was actually made by a member of staff and wasn't an automatic process at all.

Talk about autocracy.
Posted 5th Aug 2016