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Daily Server Events: Such as higher shiny spawning rates on Tuesdays, Shiny Legendaries on Thursdays, Special Textured Pokemon on Fridays and more!
Unlimited Homes: Set an unlimited amount of homes
Tournaments: Battle your way to the top with weekly tournaments and get shop credit and more
Auction House: Buy items and Pokemon with other players, or sell for cash
Large active community: Meet new friends!
PokeRaids: Battle level 150+ Pokemon for rewards
Shiny Starters: Start off with a rare Pokemon
PokeBingo: Complete a Bingo card to earn rewards
Pouches: Obtain random rewards
Lucky Pond: Frequent Drop Parties you capture items with via a Fishing Rod
Wednesday Giveaways: Shop Credit and more are given away
PokQuests: Complete a series of quests for rewards
PokeHunts: Capture or breed a list of Pokemon to get awesome rewards daily
Player Gyms: Battle other players and collect your Gym Badges
PokeTrivia: Answer Trivia correctly for rewards
KeepInventory: Never lose your rare items again
LevelSystem: Level up to earn rewards and bragging rights
Events: Weekly Events to participate in for rewards
Grief Prevention: Claim and protect your land with a Golden Shovel
WonderTrade- Swap out your Pokemon for a random one
Professionally made Spawns: 4 Regions to choose from and each are equipped with amazing spawn builds
Vote Shop: Purchase items with vote points

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Owners name is Isaac Tucker, make sure to google "Isaac Tucker Poker" to find out what a fraud this guy is. DO NOT MAKE ANY PURCHASES on the server as they do not last more than 3 months because theyre constantly making new servers and wiping your previous purchases.
Posted 31st Mar 2023
This server is just gambling for kids. The Econ is non existent from server being active for 2 years+. Player base is fluffed from not kicking afk players who stay online to get hourly loot box's and the only real Pokemon battle's I have seen are new players who don't realize that the server is only active for gamblers to get their dopamine rushes from winning coin flips against each other or getting a value less legend from a drop crate. Would recommend not wasting your time if you actually want to try competing against other players in a Pokemon atmosphere.
Posted 3rd Apr 2022
really fun and especially if you have friends to play with
Posted 30th Jan 2022
This server is amazing! Super friendly staff! My name is GuavaIshLime :>
Posted 20th Jan 2022
its good...........................................................................
Posted 11th Nov 2021
A. their player count isn't real lmfao they have login events every weekend and most of the "players" just sit afk online.
B. the owner, iPokeNinja, also known as Isaac Medina Tucker, is a complete fraud. He stole the code for Pixelmon from Reforged and has been arrested before lmfao. He also scammed a bunch of people via poker events, you can read up on them if you google Isaac Tucker Poker Scam. Hes a total man-child lmfao.
C. The entire server is now stolen builds from previous staff who were banned when the person who managed the server, StevieRox, was fired. If you even mention his name, you get banned. Definitely not a great server to play on.
I recommend playing on Harmony or GatorCraft (
Posted 9th Nov 2021
i love the server its so much fun alot of bugs tho one of the most annoying is a ghost claim
Posted 4th Oct 2021
I see people talking bad about this server but none of them are right, I joined the server the staff was very helpful. I don't know if they joined other regions but Spade is filled with good people and good staff. Heck, they even helped me claim an area when I couldn't. There's only "money grabbing" thing is a donation text pops up once in a while but who cares, everything else is free. Recommended.
Posted 29th Apr 2021
Dont bother with this server, Staff are very rude and useless.

All they want is money money money. VERY money grabbing.

100% avoid!!!!
Posted 30th Mar 2021

A liar and a thief.
Posted 30th Mar 2021
server parecchio comodo per quanto riguarda lo shop oggetti e devo dire che lo staff รจ simpatico
Posted 23rd Dec 2020
The server was very fun and enjoyable when playing pixelmon. There are a few bugs here and there, but other than that, it's all good.
Posted 22nd Oct 2020
I like the server a lot it's great
Posted 12th Sep 2020
I had a very fun time getting to know the staff and they were super helpful on letting me know key functions of the server
Posted 1st Sep 2020
actually ran by children, even worse steven is an old man acting 12
Posted 29th Jul 2020
rude mods. glitch where pokemons dont even spawn. its like the server is made for and by 3 year olds.
Posted 8th Jul 2020
Posted 7th May 2020
the server has a very friendly and helpful community, if you enjoy anything minecraft or pokemon i suggest this server.
Posted 18th Mar 2020
This server is great but im having trouble finding pokemon
Posted 20th Jan 2020
This is a Awesome Server
Posted 8th Nov 2019
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Posted 20th Oct 2019
This is a nice server but with many downsides. Many and I mean most helpers, and mods are completely rude and very stuck up. They rarely help anyone with any helpful information but send out snarky remarks as if everyone knew exactly everything about the mod. The only thing that are sometimes good about accomplishing is if someone is spamming or caps in chat. Otherwise if anyone is being disrespectful to someone else, they do not care one bit. When I needed help I also was given no help. I even got better help from another player than any helper, which is awfully sad. I feel that the managers and admins may want to reconsider who they hired for these positions greatly.
Posted 19th Aug 2019
Big pass on this scam, Selling ripped code from Pokemon Go on a seperate buycraft and very money grabby
Posted 7th Aug 2019
Terrible. Literally just terrible.
Posted 21st May 2019
honestly it's really just one big scam
Posted 4th Apr 2019