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PokeNinjas - The official Pixelmon Generations Server
Always on the latest Pixelmon Generations
Download Pixelmon Generations:

Custom Leveling System: You level up as your Pokemon Level Up! Receive epic Level Crates on Rank Up
Auction House: Buy & Sell Pokemon & Items
Shiny Starters: Receive a rare Pokemon as soon as you join
Family Friendly: A safe environment for all
Tournaments: Win Shop Credit & More

e molto bello il server!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Posted 26th Jan 2018
This server sucks !!! a staffer has made a construction in which you can get precise items and since the access was not blocked I used it and a "miniadmin" banned me without asking questions and did not even remove the construction made by that one other staffer, among other things passed off for glitch, and the "miniadmin" in question named steven (or XboxMB_Register) told a friend of mine to shut up with unpleasant terms
Posted 21st Jan 2018
i really love this server
Posted 2nd Jan 2018
awsome server, friendly staff
Posted 12th Nov 2017
The server has amazing staff and the players are all helpful when the staff can't be online. The players are all happy when online and will help each other to make the experience more enjoyable for everyone.
Posted 7th Nov 2017
Great staff, really fun server and can't wait to see more out of them.
Posted 5th Nov 2017
The server has a good amount of active players, and active staff. Everyone is respectful on the server!
Posted 2nd Nov 2017
Great server with lots of friendly people. Plenty of ways to entertain myself.
Posted 2nd Nov 2017
Honestly, I find lots of servers boring. But a couple of months ago I found this server, PokeNinjas. It felt like a new start for me. It had lots of new players on it. You can make lots of new friends, the staff was always helpful to us, and the plugins on the server are very good. We can do lots of things on this server. I rate this server 11/10 ez.
Posted 2nd Nov 2017
I was waiting for staff to help me for a long time, they didn't respond or said they were busy...
Posted 27th Oct 2017
Great up and coming server with many more features/worlds incoming soon! The official Pixelmon Generations server :)
Posted 9th Oct 2017