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Memes Factory

Memes Factory


Memes Factory has great features like...

  • Shiny Starters (Want a Shiny Charmander or a Shiny Piplup? Go ahead and get one!)
  • Crates (We have Vote Crates and Event Crates that contains amazing items from PokeDollars to Rare Loot!)
  • Friendly Staff (Memes Factory Staff Team is always here to help you with your needs!)
  • Player-Controlled Gyms (You can create a Gym and become a Gym Leader!)
  • Unlimited Homes (Set as many homes as you want!)
  • Team Rocket Hideout (Find and defeat Team Rocket at Game Corner!)
  • Towns (Create amazing towns with amazing players!)
  • WonderTrade (Don't like a Pokemon? Trade it in for a random one!)
  • GTS (Sell your Pokemon for PokeDollars!)
  • Server Events (Giveaway, Tournaments, and More! You can win $10-20 Store Coupons!)

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