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Pixelmon-Atlantav2 7.0.4


Pixelmon-Atlanta Is a Pixelmon Server that is based around the Kanto Region!

This server offers a variety of features! Some of those features include:

  • Working Pixelmon Grass with real route spawning.
  • Working Safari zone and Casino.
  • Player plots inside of the cities of Kanto! Build your own home!
  • NPC Gyms. Defeat all 8 Gym Leaders and battle the Elite 4 to become the champion!
  • Dedicated Server with friendly active staff!
  • Custom Pixelmon drops!
  • Gen 1/2/3/4/5/6
  • Daycare
  • Custom Plugins
  • Badge System under Players name
  • More regions coming soon!
  • We consistantly update the server with new features!

We hope to see you on the server soon!

I love the server, it does remind me of my childhood when I played the Heartgold Soulsilver, Firered Leafgreen games but, building the region on my own is a difficult task and it requires a lot of patience.

Still totally love this server thats why I’m still here after all this time!
Posted 5th Feb 2019
I abuselutley love it! its an amazing server with friendly members and friendly staff
Posted 30th Jan 2019
Great server with a genius method of implementing custom textures, sound effects and other cool stuff into the game, I found the /buy to be really balanced compared to many other servers I have been on.

I haven't had much to do with staff, but the little I have chatted with them, they seem to be really friendly and helpful as long as you obey the server rules (duh)

Definitely 5/5 review from me, I'll warmly recommend this for everyone who wants to experience really well made Pixelmon adventure experience
Posted 30th Jan 2019
Really amazing, I don't know how to explain it.
You should experience it by yourself, it's so immersive that I started to roleplay a real pokemon trainer, simply stunning performance, and helpful staff. What more could you ask?
Posted 30th Jan 2019
Great looking map! Lots of effort put into it, and they keep building it all the time. Staff is just fabulous, They welcomed me to their server and guided me through all of this (I am new to pokemon games) and I really felt like I was part of the really friendly community, I was instantly accept among the other players and I had a blast! I recommend you to give it a shot.
Posted 30th Jan 2019
Amazing server! It feels like you really are in the game (Like in real pokemon game) With their custom modpack they have tons of cool skins and also really cool sound effects to intensify your gaming experience, I am really pleased with the server!
Posted 30th Jan 2019
Very pay to win rude and abusive owner and staff who claimed to of made the map even though its been downloaded and used by multiple servers the playerbase is extremely toxic owner will ask for how to improve server and will then argue with your criticism and opinion you have to download a texture pack which they should include server side if they are going to use a texture pack but no thats too challenging so you have to go out of your way to download it just for a few changes and the owner banned my friend for giving his opinion which he was asked about which was out of line do not waste your time on this server when there are so many better servers out there
The server replied:
Why are u using 2 account to make fake reviews ?
Posted 29th Jan 2019
The server is just amazing! The staff there is one of the friendliest ones I have ever experienced. The ranks that are on the server are good, they give you something in return of that amount of money without being too op or "pay to win"

I just read the whole review under me, and I could not believe my eyes, because that is completely opposite of what I have experienced here.

I highly recommend to give it a try, you'll have fun times. Foxy Guarantee!
Posted 29th Jan 2019
This server is p2w, what I mean by this is that you can pay to get ranks than can include can include pokeheal and pc commands. If that isn't bad enough then how about them saying that the server has hard work put into it well, its a downloaded map. Okay if you can handle that then when criticizing the server the people that love the server say they love it the only ones with ranks all gang up on you and start to sort of attack you with questions saying this and that even though its your right to think what you want to think and say about the server. Then they got the owner to talk to me I do admit at first he asked how can I make the server better, but after a minute of arguing and him being rude and saying he didn't want new players that didn't love the server and also it could be said that he wanted funds so he didn't have to worry about paying for the server nice dedicated owner right? Then also going on we continued arguing as I was still being bombarded from the other people who had payed for ranks, a also commented on the fact of how the server insets that you download a tecturepack to make the server a better experience. Even though it should be good enough that you don't need one, is what I was trying to say. The owner was being rude to me at this point stating that he didn't want players that were basically criticizing his server and didn't like the server and how he would never want my donations. It still continued from him as me and the owner argued and slung insults at me that were meant to make me mad I'm guessing, until I said this nice downloaded server by the way. I got banned for "breaking a rule" so its a rule to tell the server that this server is copied from a old map aka downloaded? If you intend on playing on this server or even donating please be careful so you don't lose your time , money, and effort this server was horrible rude and not the smartest from what I scene if I were you its not worth my time so just be weary if you go on to play and heed my warnings do so at least not for me but you.
Posted 28th Jan 2019