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REKT Network

[ REKT Network ] Pixelmon Reforged [ 7.0.2 ]



We welcome you to the REKT Networks Pixelmon Server!
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About us:

The REKT Network is a very small community of gamers who share the common interest in gaming. Started by three gamers including myself, we envisioned an opportunity to be able to bring communities together in a way of not in a traditional sense but an interactive one. We've witnessed time after time where "viewers" or "fans" are just in the background observing. Some of you enjoy that, we get it. But, having the opportunity to give potential gamers like you a chance to explore creativity with a core set of people is even better. Thus the way we work our community and how the pixelmon universe was discovered!


Trainers - Those who strive to be the best and work hard to achieve the Pokemon Master Status!

Gym Leaders - Those who have proven, time after time that they ARE the best. Who believe to be the best, you have to BEAT the best!

Architects - Those who share the same vision in civilizing the homesteads and putting a carbon footstep in the industrial age!

Officers - Those who look out for the Pixelmon Universe and trainers. They have been through rigorous training to handle all types of crimes and knows how to handle them!


NEVER a pay to win - You cannot buy ANYTHING outside of server achievements that will give you an overpowered advantage to other trainers. There is a donation system in place to show support for the server and in return will distribute gifts to the rest of the community!

Making your own path - You can take your journey however you want. Whether you want to be the next Ash, Misty, and Broke or be the Jessie and James Duo, you can play out your own adventure!

Not just catch and go - Not at all even though it may seem it at first. We will have occasional Pokémon Leagues hosted on the server and usually captured LIVE on stream. These leagues will be bracketed and you'll have the opportunity to win things.

A little Extra - I for one enjoy lores and stories. While traversing the Pokeuniverse, see if you can put together the mysterious I've left behind!

Like I explained, we are a small but committed community in establishing a friendly and welcoming experience for everyone. This server was launched on the 30th of January, 2019 and it is constantly getting work on so please if you join bare with us and report any bugs or features you want to be added.

Come join our Family

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