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Infinity Pixelmon



Player Ranks

Player Ranks

Multiple Towns

Multiple Towns

Multiple Towns

Multiple Towns



Infinity Pixelmon is a 5.0.3 Pixelmon server and we are looking for players!

Our staff is active and knowledgeable in both Pixelmon and Vanilla Minecraft.

VIP rank for the top voter of the month!

So what are you waiting for? Come and join us!

Infinity Pixelmon features:

  • Ranking system
  • Vote rewards
  • Kits
  • Grief prevention
  • Warps
  • Breeding
  • EV training grounds
  • EXP training grounds
  • Boss area
  • Friendly staff
  • NPC Gyms
  • Elite 4
  • EV/IV Checker
  • Slightly increased spawn rates
  • Events
    And much more!

Gameshark is allowed


Then don't advertise on their server...
You can expect that to happen lol
Posted 16th Mar 2017
Owners go to other servers and advertise their own server, it's very sad
Posted 15th Mar 2017
The staff are on most of the time, the server is quite peaceful and the members have a healthy relationship with each other. It's a new server and the economy is just starting to grow, it's a great experience to be part of a growing server and to be a part of the future economy. The server is making great progress and is one of the better servers I've seen around. The one bad thing is that people who live far away from europe might have a slightly less comforting session as the ping might be a little higher.
Posted 26th Feb 2017
The server IP keeps changing and this server IP isnt working can someone tell me how to make this server appear again? (it says cant resolve host name)
The server replied:
Hey there!

Yes indeed we were having some issues with the IP. But everything is fixed now!
You can just join with

You didn't lose any items/pokémon.

Also, I suggest keeping an eye on our website next time, we broadcasted the temp IP there.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may caused

Posted 24th Feb 2017
First of all, this is one of the better Pixelmon-Servers i've played on.
There aren't many servers out there which allow flying or riding around on your pokemon, but this one does, so that's a first plus!

Second of all, i wish to say that, even though there are 2 admins right now with no moderators, they are doing an exceptional job keeping peace in the server and adding content to it, such as new villages, a battle arena, ...

Last but not least, the people here are very welcoming, and will answer any questions you have when they can.

So i have to give this a maximum rating, since this server is the place to be for the real pixelmon-trainers!
Posted 22nd Feb 2017
Perfect server !

very friendly staff and com, lots of help from people !
good pokes and spawns.

ill recomand this server !


Posted 20th Feb 2017