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Hallowed Fantasy

Hallowed Fantasy

Our server features a unique Trainer Levels system, PixelmonMMO, unique regional forms, weekly events & tournaments, stories with quest lines, a Battle Tower, and so much more!
Azure Forest Quest Line

Azure Forest Quest Line

This biome is home to a lush forest with beautiful sprawling Azure Orchid flowers & trees, and a new variant of the Turtwig line! Complete the story and quest line to obtain these variants and unravel the mystery of the Azure Forest!
Hallowed Regional Forms

Hallowed Regional Forms

Found exclusively in the Fantasy region, Hallowed Forms are new regional variants of existing Pixelmon! You can find a Water-type Arcanine, a Dark/Fighting-type Slaking, and much more in the wild in our region!
Competitive Player Gyms

Competitive Player Gyms

Challenge our 8 competitive-based player gyms to test your battling skills in difficult battles. If you beat all of them, you'll receive a Hallowed Textured Pixelmon of your choice!

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We are running on Pixelmon REFORGED version 8.3.6 featuring almost every currently released Pokemon! This version of Pixelmon is available on Minecraft version 1.12.2.

For the best experience, please consider using our Modpack ( ) as it comes with a custom Resource Pack that adds new Pixelmon skins that are exclusive to Hallowed Fantasy.

If you are having trouble downloading the Pixelmon mod, joining our server, or downloading/loading our texture pack, please contact us on our website forums or on our Discord server so that we may help you iron out any problems as soon as we can.


View our custom Pixelmon textures/reskins here:

Hallowed Fantasy is a unique Pixelmon server, featuring custom & exclusive Pixelmon forms with new designs, moves, abilities, typings, & stats, similar to Alolan & Galarian forms!

Our server also features weekly tournaments, wild-spawning custom-textured Pixelmon, quests with complete storylines, weekly tournaments & events, and much more!

Major Features
Custom Biomes complete with their own storylines!
Visit the Fantasy Region and discover the Hallowed Valley! Help the Fantasy Pixelmon recover their homeland and earn 6IV Fantasy-form Pixelmon & other great prizes by completing the quests!

Competitive Player-run Gyms, Elite 4, & Champion
8 leaders of dual-type competitive gyms await your challenge! Defeat all 8 of them in fierce Gym battles to earn a custom textured 6IV Pixelmon of your choice!

By completing the Gyms, you'll also get access to challenge the player-run Elite 4, and the Champion after that! Earn up to $70 Hallowed Fantasy store credit by clearing the Fantasy League!

NPC Gyms, Elite 4, & Champion
Not interested in competitive gyms? Not to worry! We have 8 NPC Gym Leaders, an NPC Elite 4, and an NPC Champion that are much easier than the player gyms.

60+ Wild-spawning Custom Textured Pixelmon

6IV Custom Starters (Textured, Shiny, or Regular)
Our server features a unique starter selection system, letting players choose 1 starter from any of the 8 generations of Pokemon, with the added bonus of 4 HF-exclusive starters: Growlithe, Budew, Ralts, & Riolu. Players have the option to choose a custom HF-textured starter, a Shiny starter, or a regular base form starter.

Weekly Competitive Tournaments
Face off against other skilled Pixelmon players in exciting tournaments (with huge rewards), featuring different tiers and formats!

Dynamic PokeEditor System
Edit your Pixelmon with our PokeEditing system! This allows you to change your Pixelmon's nature, size, caught ball, and more by using in-game money!

Custom Pixelmon Textures
Obtain skins for certain Pixelmon such as Midnight Lugia, Ocean Spirit Arcanine, and Midnight Garchomp, exclusive to Hallowed Fantasy!

Weekly Events
We host Raid Battles, Drop Party, Plushie Hunt, Crane Game, & Odd One Out events weekly!

Huge Vote Shop
Vote to earn Vote Points, which you can use in our in-game Vote Shop to earn FREE rewards!

Other Features:
Super friendly community & staff
Pokedex Completion Rewards
MMO Skills & Leaderboards
The EVs/IVs sidemod to allow players to check their pokemon's EVs, IVs, and Hidden Power type with a single command
An EV Training Center for players to EV train their pokemon for free and with ease
The GriefDefender plugin to keep player's builds from being griefed
Pixelmon Riding Enabled
Pokemon Breeding
All Legendaries Spawn
Battle Tower

Check us out at

How to join the server:

PixelmonMod authors:

The Server is Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 20th Sep 2022
i hope you raise the shiny chance higher

Posted 18th Sep 2022
its more noob friendly and is'nt 100% dependent on player economy to get items or find legends
Posted 17th Sep 2022
pickles mhm yes doodoo kaka fart
Posted 16th Sep 2022
I just joined and let me tell you, the texture packs and the community is absolutely lit, won't stop playing and might spend $ to support the creators (Username: NotButtur )
Posted 15th Sep 2022
AMAZING server and community with a lot of fun activities 10/10 highly recommend
Posted 14th Sep 2022
I am honestly surprised with how it was made. It doesn't look like i'll get bored from any of it. my one problem would be catching any legendaries or rares but i guess it's just my luck i suppose, but otherwise it's pretty fun.
Posted 13th Sep 2022
It is Great, Though some times it does get slightly laggy but overall really fun!
Posted 12th Sep 2022
i enjoy it a lot, custom textures is a nice touch, IGN HenHenny
Posted 8th Sep 2022
It's an awesome comunity always ready to help you out. The ui is just perfect no confusing buttons you dont need
Posted 26th Aug 2022
my username is gone_2_Wild this server has a good community, has good quests to stop it from being P2W and the best custom pixelmon out of any server
Posted 24th Aug 2022
My username is Vizz202. I've only been on the server for a few days but they community is so friendly and welcoming and the overall pixelmon that spawn and chance of getting rare ones is so fair and even for everyone
Posted 23rd Aug 2022
I like this server because it brings all the boys to the yard, and it really makes you feel loved by the amazing community
Posted 16th Aug 2022
I really enjoy this server. My name is Fxy_the_Pirat in game and I play with a very close friend of mine. We're able to enjoy and relax together on the server whenever we want
Posted 15th Aug 2022
Really awesome server with unique features. Username: Marc2002mw3
Posted 13th Aug 2022
The server is very enjoyable
Posted 11th Aug 2022
i love the difort pokemon i trying to save up for a zombie pokemon my name is ShinyEntei2
Posted 9th Aug 2022
Love the server guys xTwqo
Posted 5th Aug 2022
This server is amazing. It has custom textures, teams and an amazing community. -Scorpio_Mc
Posted 5th Aug 2022
I love playing on this server it has fun costume pixelmon skins and fun events and quests

Posted 5th Aug 2022
What a creative way to make a pixelmon server. Active moderators and amazing custom textures. If you have any questions just ask in chat and they get answered immediately. User: PrizedSalmon
Posted 4th Aug 2022
great server! ign:jotaro_
Posted 2nd Aug 2022
Very friendly people, they make all new players feel welcome the second they join. 10/10 recommend.

IGN: FeedTheHomeless
Posted 1st Aug 2022
I Love this Server with all of the new skins and the whole Map looks also really cool
Username: _0_Birb_0_
Posted 1st Aug 2022
hi i love this server 10/10 and the mods are perfect helping you with everything username : Jackseena
Posted 31st Jul 2022