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Hallowed Fantasy

Hallowed Fantasy

Hallow-textured Arcanine

Hallow-textured Arcanine

One of many Hallowed Fantasy-Exclusive Pixelmon Textures

Hallowed Fantasy: Competitive Pixelmon Redefined



Pixelmon Version: Pixelmon Dark 2.4 (adds 180+ new Pixelmon!)

Hallowed Fantasy is a competitive-based Pixelmon server, bringing you fierce Gym Battles, exciting weekly Tournaments, a friendly community, custom Pixelmon textures, and much more!


Competitive Gyms - 8 leaders of dual-type competitive gyms await your challenge for fierce gym battles!

Ranked Laddering System - Battle your way to the top of our Ranked Ladders by defeating other players in weekly tournaments. HUGE rewards given to the top 3 ranked players of each month!

Weekly Competitive Tournaments - Face off against other skilled Pixelmon players in exciting tournaments, featuring different tiers and formats!

Safari Zone - You can catch many different rare Pixelmon in our huge Safari Zone!

Dynamic PokeEditor System - Edit your Pixelmon with ease with our PokeEediting system! This allows you to change your Pixelmon's nature, size, caught ball, and more by using in-game money!

Custom Pixelmon Textures - Obtain exclusive skins for certain Pixelmon, exclusive to Hallowed Fantasy!

Weekly Events - We host Drop Parties, Big Digs, and other events weekly!

Huge Vote Shop - Vote to earn Vote Points, which you can use in our Vote Shop to earn FREE rewards!

Other Features:

  • The EVs/IVs sidemod to allow players to check their pokemon's EVs, IVs, and Hidden Power type with a single command
  • An EV Training Center for players to EV train their pokemon for free and with ease
  • The GriefPrevention plugin to keep player's builds from being griefed
  • Pixelmon Riding Enabled
  • Pokemon Breeding and reduced breeding times
  • All Legendaries Spawn

Check us out at

How to join the server:

IGN: PotatoWarchip
Great community. Listening to trailerpark and playing on this server ends in a great evening.
Posted 23rd Sep 2017
My name is Polo4646, the server is great, it has many cool things and the staff team is nice. Its like one big family. You can catch a lot of pokemon, and build houses. This is the best server I have been on.
Posted 21st Sep 2017
Staff are hardly ever online, and when they are they are disrespectful to players, name calling, ect. The server is offline frequently, and they schedule events that no staff show up for.
0/10 worst experience in Pixelmon.
The server replied:
Hi, we are sorry to hear that you have had a bad experience on our server once upon a time. However, none of your comments are very true, and I will explain to you why they are wrong.

(1) Our staff team is on nearly every hour of the day, with the top 4 out of 5 players with the most play time on the server being staff members. You can see this is you check on the most played hours on our website.

(2) Our staff members are very respectful, and has changed a lot over the past few months. While we did have 2 or 3 bad staff members 6-8 months ago, that was 6-8 months ago and they do not play on this server at all anymore. We pride ourselves on having a well-oiled, well-versed, and highly experienced staff team to suit our players' needs. Their job is to stop the name calling, not engage in it. If you were to log onto the server, you would notice that immediately.

(3) Our events happen nearly every time, and if they do not happen it is because not enough players show up (which is extremely rare).

(4) Our server was offline for around 5 hours this month due to scheduled maintenance, but that's all. Before that, our server had not been down at all except for 1 minute restarts and a short-lived shut down due to Pixelmon shutting down (which has now been sorted out).

It looks as if you have not played the server in some time, and if you would do so, you would realize that none of those statements are true now. If you would like to, feel free to give the server another chance. It's changed a lot in the past 8 months, all for the better. I can assure you that it is much different than it was back then, if that is when you played. : )
Posted 12th Sep 2017
My IGN is Greekola and I like how professional the server is. It's very well handled and the staff team knows what they're doing. It's a privilege to be a moderator on the server.
Posted 5th Sep 2017
My IGN is Neeckos. I've been playing on this server for a while with a few of my friends. It's my favourite pixelmon server honestly. The staff is really helpful and the server has great features like Wondertrade, GTS and EV training spots. There's even a safari zone and other things for everyone's convenience. I highly recommend it.
Posted 2nd Sep 2017
This server is really great, because there are tons of pokemons spawning and all the staff are nice
Posted 1st Sep 2017
Great server with a great starter kit, nice staff and the people in the server are nice too, my ign is ARandomWayHome
Posted 1st Sep 2017
My IGN name is Furret and I was invited to the server by a friend of mine. It's a very friendly and welcoming environment. Someone is always willing to lend a hand! The staff are kind and helpful, too. The server is regularly kept up to date and tended to very often. There's Wondertrade, GTS, gyms and many other things that add to the overall experience. Overall, I'd definitely recommend it if you are searching for a good, reliable Pixelmon server with a welcoming community.
Posted 1st Sep 2017
I've been playing this server for a while now, maybe a 1 year. My old IGN was Chief Wiggens, but now it's _LilPeep, I've been playing it for so long, and I'm satisfied with the server, I have an articuno and the staff is really nice to me when I ask questions :-) I don't see anything wrong with it
Posted 30th Aug 2017
My IGN is FluffyClefable and I have been with Hallowed Fantasy since it launched. The server has a very inviting atmosphere, the players are like a family and everyone is always willing to answer questions. The gyms are a nice challenge for competitive players, and then the shops make building a home much easier for those who lean more towards building. Breeding is easy and legendaries are always spawning. GTS helps players sell pokemon and the economy is pretty fair and balanced. Overall, I enjoy my stay at Hallowed Fantasy and I hope you will too! :)
Posted 30th Aug 2017