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Pokemon Campaign Recreates

Pokemon Campaign Recreates


Hello everyone, I posted about two months ago that I was planning on doing a very big project and making a 1:3 scale of Pokemon red and the rest of the pokemon maps. I am very excited to say that our dev team is finally done with Kanto, and 85% done with Jhoto region. We are taking new players in as of today!
We have a professions team that has created this along side me, this map and the rest of the other maps are genuine and unique. None have been copied from other players in the MC community. I was able to add in a few community areas for players, so that they can have their own 25x25 "Homes" where they can store loot, breed their pokemon and craft pokeballs/pokemon uniforms/pokemon misc.
There is 0 "Pay 2 Win", the server has just been wiped and the farthest anyone has gotten is to Gym 4 (the person has been playing for about 11 hours straight)
Our ultimate goal is to get every single pokemon map on our server, built to a 1:3 scale. I plan on having each region with their own respective generation of pokemon. So if you are wanting a gen 3 pokemon you will have to travel to that map to get those pokemon. (as an example)
All players who join until we are out of Beta (July 30th) will receive a "beta tester" tag, a free Jinx along with the starter they select, and a apartment plot to build in..
If you need help installing any mods, please join our discord. I will gladly help, and our mod pack and server IP is posted there.
Thank you for reading my very long post. I am extremely passionate about this, and I hope you all enjoy the countless hours of work my team and I have done to provide this to you in such a short time.
Come relive some of the Nostalgia

Our discord is
(Our mod pack is also in our discord, if you need help getting everything together we will gladly help you.)

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