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PichuCraft - Pixelmon 5.0.4 - Minecraft 1.10.2


PichuCraft - Pixelmon 5.0.4

Minecraft - 1.10.2
IP: Play.Pichucraft.Com

Website: Enjin.Pichucraft.Com


  • Don't bother with Adventure maps. Build Your own Empire.


  • Master the art of breeding your army of Pokemon!


  • Tournaments, Catching Contests, Boss Hunts, Treasure Hunts, Fishing Contests and More!

[Great Staff]

  • Friendly and Professional Staff makes sure you're having a pleasant stay at Pichucraft!

[Flying Enabled]

  • Fly around on any flying Pokemon.

Play.Pichucraft.Com! Join Today!

It is a great server with friendly staff that are always willing to help along with a very fun park to train pokemon and everyone playing are always kind and fun to talk to. Overall a good sever that I enjoy playing on! :)
Posted 11th May 2017
Server looked good in the beginning but when I started playing I experienced some lag, more lag than I experienced on previous servers. I asked people about it but they just ignored me lol (nice community...). That is what made me quit your server... I understand this is not the server's fault but I was online for about 5 hours and was asking multiple questions. Other servers seemed to be more helpful in general... Maybe recruit more staff? Idk
Posted 5th Mar 2017
lag needs to be fixed people cant log on due to lag
Posted 16th Jul 2016
They dont understand their own rules
Posted 3rd Jul 2016