This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Pixelmon Clash


Welcome to the PixelClash Pixelmon server "Advertisement", here we are giving you the chance to try our server. You can let us know if you enjoyed it, please let us know what you liked about it? If you didn't enjoy the server let us know how we can improve so we could maybe interest you in giving it another go.

We are currently working on the server adventure map, but we have a survival map all setup & a spawn for this map just for your enjoyment. Pixelclash is currently running a vast list of plugins to give you the most enjoyment out of the game, if you like vanilla Minecraft with Pokemon added you'll love this server as it enhances the vanilla element in the game.
If you post in the Reddit you get a random shiny. (tell us you joined the server & show us your starter!)

Server IP Address: / Port: 25565

What we are currently looking for in staff positions!

  • Moderators (you will be given helper first) (You must be a member of the community for 4 weeks, no exceptions.)
  • Builders (Show us some building portfolios, what you've built and what you could do for us as a builder.)
  • Story writers for towns, gyms or even a server lore (Show us some examples of your work)

How you can become a core member of the community!
You can come join our discord (On the Reddit page) and talk to admins, moderators & other members of the community that will help you make friends with many people like you!

(We currently don't have screenshots of the adventure map, but in the upcoming weeks this post will be updated with screenshots.

We hope to see you on the server & if you see Pein, PHD66 or Wop0911 say hi!

i really like this server so far, the whole, 'stuck in battle' glitch is annoying but that non of your control, keep up the good hosting =D - Creeper
Posted 17th Sep 2016
Hard to start with what I like about the server but if I had to choose I'd go with the staff and players are friendly. My dislikes of the server are probably the decreased spawn rates of shiny mons and legends, but it's fine otherwise. Not much I can say on how to improve the server since the owner is in the process of improving it as is, so only time will tell whats changed, whether its good or bad, but hes always open to suggestions which I like compared to other servers.
Posted 17th Sep 2016
This server is one of the best pixelmon servers ive been on, great staff, and player base
Posted 17th Sep 2016