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Pixel Kingdom

[4.3.2] Pixel Kingdom - Pixelmon Survival Server


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Pixel Kingdom is a unique Pixelmon server that has many features to make your experience much better. We offer player gyms, increased spawn rates (along with legendaries and shinies), hand picked custom starters (along with the three default starters). Land claiming is available by placing a fence around your land, and then by putting a sign on one of the fences with "[rp]" on the top line. You start off your adventure in a simple spawn that will help your starter Pokemon with a little challenge, which will help in your progression to be one of the strongest players on the server. Staff is not given free items or Pokemon, making the completion possible for everyone. This server runs off of Pixelmon version 4.3.2 (minecraft 1.8.9), join now @

i was banned for no reason im not sure why but i loved this server and played on it with my friend my ign is master37785 if there was a reason i was banned for plz tell me if u lift my ban that would be great and would most definitely lift my review :/
Posted 22nd Jul 2016