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Accraft Pixelmon Server

Accraft Pixelmon Server


Welcome ACcraft Pixelmon. (
The very First Functional 1.8 Pixelmon.

We have essentials, griefprevention, LogBlock,
world edit, world border, world guard, Votifier,
Economy, and Votifier Listener.

Dont believe us, why dont you come on and see for youself
it only takes 2 minutes to login and see for yourself.

Experience Pixelmon to its fullest, what no other pixelmon server
can offer because they are stuck in 1.7.10.

We also have special textured pokemon including the famous
Shadow Lugia, link to picture (
More textures will be added as time goes on.

We are a server running, custom created mods for the sole
purpose of making the server unique.

We are looking for Gym Leaders and Staff who can take on the
challenge of learning 1.8 Server Management.

Join today to help expand community and enjoy Pixelmon 4.1.3.

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