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GRM Pixelmon

GRM Pixelmon

grade flare

Welcome to GRM Pixelmon
Our server is running Pixelmon Reforged
This version of pixelmon runs on MINECRAFT 1.12.2!
Modpack :
How to Install:

                      What do we offer?

GRM pixelmon was founded by a cat and cookies are the best. We offer a free rank, backpack and pokeheal for everyone. We have loads of custom content for our players like the Johto Region inspired by the pokemon games, Safari Zone, PokeHunt, Events, Daily Rewards and much more!

                     Server Information

IP Address:

The server's staff and admins are terrible. They are not fair about situations, do not obey their own rules and seem to make up rules as they go. The server admin is also illogical and inconsistent about how punishments are handled. During discussions, the admin acts very childish by either not addressing the problem or banning for being disrespected. Overall, the server and the community is great, however the staffs seems very emotional about how they deal with situations.
Posted 1st Jun 2020
Head Admin, Lightning - can be considered the most inbred human being. I mean, if you're into that sort of thing, hey then play this server. He has claimed to "create" the map himself when in reality he copy and pasted the map. Seriously, just google "Johto Pixelmon Maps."

A link for the lazy:

"CEO" GravyCatMan is basically nonexistent. He allows Lightning to run rampant.

I'd stay away, really. But if you like losing brain cells and playing with power-hungry Admins, then hey! Play away!
Posted 25th May 2020
nice pixelmon server with huge good community
Posted 19th Apr 2020
:) This is a great Pixelmon server with a map of Johto.
It was entertaining while going threw the gyms. some gym leaders was a little op and some of them was easy.

:( you can go into the wild outside the johto map that i found very entertaining. But as a new player to the server i found it hard to set up an claim. i asked staff multiple times to help me but all they did was to show me the items i needed. they never showed me how to properly claim. Also they are WAY to strict with the chat. U cant say a word in capital letters without an staff or a player calling u out for caps. also they are very strict on spamming. sending a massage two times can lead to a warning. i asked if i could swear on the server cause i was ciuorius. people in the chat said it was ok, even an (VIP) said it. i then made a joke, that i now realise wasnt so smart of me to do. butt still i didnt swear. and another player said caps to me. were i was irritated and said a little rude comment, (nothing big lmao) and for that i GOT MUTED FOR 7 DAYS! like i would have understood if i got muted for an hour. but 7 DAYS? thats way to long.

i suck at writing ik
Posted 24th Mar 2020
Greatly Detailed adventure map and challenging npc gyms to fight
Posted 15th Mar 2020
Very very very very ery very good
Posted 13th Mar 2020
I really like it :D its really really a good server and yeah
Posted 1st Sep 2019
This server is great, a combination of the modern survival pixelmon with the old school story mode pokemon. The community is friendly and helpful. It has every possible feature anyone could want, from free /pheal (Not too op because the cooldown and it only heals 1 pokemon) to vote crates. I'd highly suggest playing this server.
Posted 26th Aug 2019
I was asking a simple question, and someone gave a smart remark. I found it rude and told them to stop, and an Admin literally kept telling me to chill out. Of course I couldn’t because that’s absolutely dumb of them to defend the other player for such a dumb response... and I’m the one who got muted and banned
Posted 15th Aug 2019
The Pokémon are great. There is a lot to do and overall its just fun

By: SulliedLynx5017
Posted 26th Jul 2019