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Welcome to HackShardGaming!

We wish to provide you with a great gaming expierience. We have courteous staff and helpful members of our community. Our server also includes a couple of plugins that help contribute to the fun.

Here is a list of some of our plugins

CustomNPCS - This mod is used to create NPC Shops & Banks to buy/sell/store items at.
Factions - This plugin is used to help claim land to prevent it from being griefed by other players.
LogBlock - This is an extra layer of security that we have to also help prevent you from being griefed.
Not Enough Items - This mod is used to allow players to enter "Recipe Mode" in order to search for recipes for there favorite items.
BiblioCraft - This is a little extra mod to include awesome items to put in your house. including displayable items.
Carpenter's Blocks - This mod is used to create interesting decorations including slopes.
Rotatable Blocks - This mod helps you rotate certain types of blocks to view them at a new angle not normally aquirable.
JourneyMap - This is a map mod that allows you to see the places you have visited on an awesome map.
Waila - A nice mod that shows you What you are looking at. (I.E. Point at an item and it tells you its sand and can be dug up with the tool Shovel)
Pixelmon Vitamins - This mod brings in popular vitamins such as HpUp and PpUp to the game.
GymManagement - This plugin is used to help create and manage Gyms that players can access.

We are currently an up and coming server with an awesome donation shop and awesome staff. We are looking to advance our staff and create new and unique gyms over the next few months. We are also building
our very own Elite 4 Gym.

Here is some instructions on how to play on our servers.

To get started:
Download Technic Launcher.
Click the Add Pack button.
Paste the following web url ( into the prompted window.
After this is done select the modpack in the left menu and click play.
After a few minutes of downloading the client will launch. Just click MultiPlayer and select HackShardGaming Pixelmon

If you would like a updated changelog list that included any and all changes to our modpack please visit (

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