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PokeDream is a 1.16.5 Pixelmon SMP server that brings the best of both pokemon and minecraft together. We're looking to build a friendly, tight-knit community of pixelmon players that enjoy the grind of vanilla pixelmon.

Once on the server, you have /rtp to get around the map. You can explore our survival world and build your own home to relax in. The server has plugins to protect your base from grief, ensuring all your hard earned items stay right as you left them.

This server is NY, USA hosted and runs on a Ryzen 9 5900X with 14GB of memory and 2 dedicated cores. We've invested in good hardware to ensure the server runs smoothly.

Only the latest Pixelmon mod is required to join the server. Hop on in and join us! We hope you enjoy the server as much as we do!

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Early game is too sluggish in 1.16 apricorns grow too slowly and for some reason they have sell to shop disabled on this server. Mix that with very limited overworld and /rtp that cost in game money to use (money you can't farm in any way) and you get a miserable early game that actively punishes new players.
The server replied:
"Early game is too sluggish in 1.16 apricorns grow too slowly"
It's like that for every 1.16 server at the moment. The only way for us to increase apricorn growth rates is to increase random tick speed, but that would just compromise other aspects of the game, like making vanilla plants grow insanely fast.

"they have sell to shop disabled on this server"
Sell to shop is disabled for good reason. It's the reason why players have millions of pokedollars on other servers. Without sell to shop, you can't get rich overnight. Accumulating wealth by battling trainers takes time, and gives money some actual value. Sell to shop also takes away from the multiplayer aspect of the game since you can just get a ton of money without ever having to trade with other players.

"limited overworld"
Given our small playerbase, our world size of 20k x 20k is perfectly justified. Plus we're even planning to expand this further once Pixelmon adds more structures to world generation.

"/rtp that cost in game money to use"
So that you don't spam it until you find a good biome and actually explore the world.

"money you can't farm in any way"
Battle trainers, vote, events. These give you plenty.

"miserable early game that actively punishes new players"
Just to be clear, most of the server settings are aligned with the default Pixelmon settings. You can see the changes we have made here: We are a vanilla pixelmon server, and if you have played singleplayer pixelmon, you should know that the early game is challenging. It's just the way the devs have designed the gameplay. Plus there are no handouts on this server. It's a grind, but that makes the experience fun.
Posted 14th Sep 2022