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Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising


We would like to officially welcome you to Phoenix Rising’s Pixelmon Server!
Phoenix Rising is currently running Pixelmon Reforged 6.3.2!

We are a welcoming, and friendly, Pixelmon Server Community.
Feel free to join our Server or just relax and hang out in our Discord!

Check out all the links at the bottom for our website links and other.

Thank you everyone and welcome again!


Q - How are you associated with the fan-made Pokemon game?
A - No, we're not associated with the fan-made Pokemon game. But we found ourselves getting inspiration which took us to here.

Q - Will you always be updated to the latest Pixelmon version?
A - Yes! We will always move to the latest Pixelmon version without a doubt unless we see they’re move conflicting issues then benefits of new Pokemon.

Q - In the future will you guys have gyms and will they be player based?
A - No, actually we plan on running the system of trials and kahunas from the recent games Pokemon Sun and Moon. But they will be player based so you will fight a kahuna as a player rather than npc.

Q - Will there be a donation store?
A - Yes we plan on to have a donation store full with many content, but currently we are waiting on for graphics for the store so for now we’re going to do it manually. If you’re interested in donating contact a staff in which they will get ahold of a Administrator to support you.

Q - How do you apply for Staff?
A- When applying for staff you need to be in the discord just contact a staff and they will send you an application over discord fill it out correctly, and it’ll be reviewed in the next few days.

Q - What does Phoenix Rising offer than other Pixelmon Servers?
A- Phoenix Rising was built upon the foundation of the community rather than the wants and needs of the Owners or Others. In which we will work to support the community however we can we plan to keep working hard after opening we have many things planned such as adding more interactive plugins and more. Currently, we offer features like Daycare and a Balanced Economy encouraging players to get competitive. In spite of that we have a dedicated staff team which will support you along the path of becoming a Pokemon Master! Don’t believe us? Take it from others or just come on the server to see for yourself!

Server Information

IP Address -

Website -

Discord -

Where to download the latest Pixelmon Version

Technic Launcher Pack -

Pixelmon Reforged Website (Direct Download) -

Pixelmon Reforged Support Discord -

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