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Pikel Lob

Pikel Lob is a pokemon based Minecraft Server. We are a server that uses Forge and Pixelmon Mod (Read at the bottom to learn how to install). You can come here and replay your Pokemon experiences in 3D! This is the ultimate flashback from all those Pokemon games!

Pikel Lob has a nice remake of the Pokemon map, (get the first 8 Gyme Badges from it!) and we also let you go out into the wild and build yourself a house. We are running MyChunk as a Grief Prevention plugin as PVP, Griefing, and stealing is NOT allowed!

This server is new nut with experienced staff to help you with all your needs! Please come and enjoy yourself!

Want to become staff? Go apply ->

How to play?: 2 Ways
Tekkit Launcher:
Step 1: Download the Tecknick Launcher here --->>
Step 2: Install and Log into the Launcher
Step 3: Use the arrows on the left top and bottom and look for tile called "Add New Pack"
Step 4: Past this link --->>

Manual Install:
Step 1: Visit the mod's site and download the latest version.

Step 2: Download Minecraft Forge -> (Recommended 1.6.4 - Installer)
Step 3: Run the Minecraft Forge you rank, install client

Step 4: Once done open your Minecraft Client on the left side click Profile and click Forge and Run it.
Step 5: Go to your Minecraft Folder (%appdata%).

Step 6: Drag/Drop your Pixelmon Zip you downloaded to your Minecraft Folder/mods/
Step 7: Run Minecraft again on that Profile and join Pixel Lob!

NOTE!!!!: Most servers will kick you/crash your clienct on first connect. This IS NORMAL! there is a bug in the code, Simply Re-connect!

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