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Pixelmon Amethyst

Pixelmon Amethyst


Pixelmon Amethyst is a Pixelmon survival server. There are anti-griefing plugins, pixelmon side mods (wondertrade, evs/ivs, pixelauction, etc.), and gyms lead by bots & players. We encourage players to join the community and share their knowledge and skills. The server is an online, open server that anyone and their friends may join.

This is just an awesome server, i come everyday online for playing on this server. It's really awesome and you guys have to check it out to, you will have fun here on the server!!!

Posted 20th Sep 2016
I loved the server... But one day i was playing and i got banned, I would understand if i got a explination but i just got banned. I worked really hard for two straight nights. If there is anyway to contact the owner of the server to find out why i got banned please contact me so we can try and resolve the issue.
Posted 25th Aug 2016
A lot of people don't give this server enough credit or time to see what its really like, this server is by far one of the best servers i played on in a awhile granted that its not close to being complete yet. The owner is a very dedicated and hard working person all was working on the server and also doing school, its by far my favorite server out right now if you read this review please take the time out and enjoy this awesome server.

-Rasta_grrove out
Posted 28th Jul 2016