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PixelDark - Pixelmon Reforged


I'm not going to bullshit you with a large wall of well formatted text covered with hacked up screenshots with bad fonts laid over them.

PixelDark is a dark, and gritty Pixelmon Reforged server full of memes, tropes, dark humour, and life. We have a colourful community of really good people. People that just want to have fun, play pixelmon together, and enjoy themselves.

We host regular tournaments and designed our server economy and progression to make competitive play more accessible and enjoyable. Content is not gated behind time or money on our server, and we want everyone to be able to play the game they want.

There are two worlds on our server. Rasland, our pokemon league inspired adventure world, and Nexus, our minecraft "build your own experience" world.

Nexus has player run teams, gyms, and shops. We also have builders available to help set up any warps, portals, and other features you want.

Rasland on the other hand is designed to allow players to experience all of pixelmon without ever engaging in vanilla minecraft if they don't want to. There are over 8 towns right now with their own gyms, handcrafted NPCs, and experiences.

But be warned before joining our server. When I said it was dark, and gritty I wasn't kidding. We know where the line is. We just don't care. This is a server for adults, and people who want to be themselves and not tip toe around others. This isn't your friendly christian minecraft server. We have a strip club in spawn, a drug dealer behind the pokemon center, and no fucking loot crates.

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