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Pokecraft 5.1.2



Gym Leaders- We offer 16 different gyms to challenge with real players.
Events- We offer may events revolving around Parkors, Pokebattles, Races and more.
GTS - Ever wanted to sell pokemon for money or other pokemon, just like the game we have Global Trading System
Shiny Starters - Begin your journey with a rare shiny version of your favorite starter.
Ride your Pokemon - We allow you to ride your pokemon to your heart's content.
Homes - We get it sometimes you need a lot of homes so we allow Unlimited homes!
Friendly - Join the PokeCraft family we are a great and safe community.
Title Defend - Ever wanted to be a Champion? Well come here and compete in our monthly Title Defend for your chance to be Champion.
Vote Shop - When you vote and support the server we give you vote points that allow you to buy things from the shop.
Crates and Keys - Test your luck with our crates we offer great rewards in them and also give 1 free key for each time you vote for us on a listed vote site.
WonderTrade - Put in a pokemon and get a new random one from the wonder trade pool full of power, shinies and even legendary pokemon.
Drop Parties - We give out amazing prizes for our community such as legendaries, Crate keys, Ranks, Commands, Shinies and more.
Safari Zone - We offer a larger area where you can catch pokemon that lives in different biomes free for everyone.
Ev Training - What to get your pokemon to the next level well we offer a free ev training hub where you can power up your pokemon more.
Customization  - When it comes to pokemon we feel customization is key we offer many ways you can change your pokemon to your liking.
Backpack & Craft - Craft and carry your items anywhere you go.
Poke Stop - I play Pixelmon everyday on! Now on PokeCraft go receive rewards from various pokestops.
Tournaments - Want to compete with other players well show we is the best in one of our tournaments. If you want to see a certain tournament with certain rules make the suggestion on our forums.
Casino - Feeling lucky try your luck at the casino and try to win big.
Clans/Organization - Ever wanted to join team Rocket, Skull, Magma, Aqua or even Galactic? Well you are in luck we have a clan system where you can create your own evil team or become a team set out to do good.
Clan Wars - Fight for the title of PokeCraft #1 Team with our Clan Wars event where you compete against other teams so supremis and win amazing rewards.

Love the server for its great events uptime and amazing community! You also get a lot of amazing stuff through voting! The staffs amazing too!
Posted 16th Jun 2017
THIS SERVER IS AMAZING !!! I am having so much fun with the community and gameplay of the server. I would suggest joining this server for a time of nonstop fun.
Posted 16th Jun 2017
I wanted to start of by saying hello. The server that you are looking at is an amazing one! The people are nice, spawn rate is the best, the staff and owners help out players as best as they can. There are gyms, events, and games that will keep you busy for hrs. So come and join us. :D
Posted 15th Jun 2017
The server is amazing and also has amazing staff. The players there, are fun and good to hang out with!
Posted 15th Jun 2017
This is an awesome server. It's very welcoming to everyone who joins and very friendly. There's always people on to help when ever help is needed. Love it!
Posted 15th Jun 2017
Friendly staff and cool events, great server
Posted 23rd May 2017