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PixelMania is a new Pixelmon 3.4.0 Server aimed to have a friendly and active community.
On PixelMania we have great features which help reach our goal of having an active community, our features are:

  • Gyms (Coming soon after poll on website is complete)
  • Auto-Rankups (After a certain amount of time played on the server you will receive a rank)
  • Jobs (Work for money)
  • Point System (Vote for points and spend it on items)
  • Name That Pokemon Chat minigame (Coming soon the plugin is custom and still is in development)
  • Bikes (A Horse that you have access to /Bike)
  • Grief Prevention (Protect all of your builds with a golden shovel)
  • Shiny Starters (The Starter that you choose will be shiny)
  • Crates (A GUI crate which you can vote for keys and buy them with points or donate for them)
  • TreeAssist (All broken trees will be automatically replanted to keep a good looking world)

Why Should You Join PixelMania?

You should join because we are hoping to start a friendly and active community and we need some players in order to do so.
In the future I am planning to have tournaments and top voter of the month rewards. There will be many different kinds of tournaments
such as we might host a 2v2 tournament or a tournament only allowing one type of pokemon. If you join it will motivate me to continue my
dream of having a great community.

How do I install PixelMon 3.4.0?

First you have to download forge:
Forge 1.7.10:

After you've installed forge run it on minecraft and then close out of minecraft.
Download the Pixelmon mod
Pixelmon Mod: ( Download Pixelmon 3.4.0)

After downloading the Pixelmon mod go to your %appdata% -> .minecraft -> mods
Once in your mods folder drag the pixelmon mod into the folder and run Minecraft forge 1.7.10

Add the IP:

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